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  1. This is exactly what we need. While it is fine that you can bake down your voxel details to your retopo mesh and retain all details, it simply does not work so easy for any other retopo work. Don't forget that you do not only retopo voxels but imported meshes aswell. I once tried retopo on an imported car model - it was impossible because I only could guess how well it would hold once subdivided. I don't understand that this has not been requested more often considering how important it is.
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to show you one of the latest pictures I made. The fish was completely sculpted and textured in 3D Coat, rendered in Softimage and a little postprocessing in After Effects. Enjoy
  3. Ah thats nice - we will probably be using unity for our next project at university and this will surely help me out!
  4. Ah thank you - when thinking of channels I was thinking about RGBA so I didn't even try that option
  5. No I don't mean importing a normal map - that is what I do at the moment. I'm talking about a function to convert the color information of a paint layer to depth information. When you are projecting an Image by loading it under 'Materials' and you have switched Depth painting on you are converting the color information of that projection to depth information. I want to do the exact same thing with an already existing color layer, basically a function which would be called 'Convert Color to Depth', just like you can convert the color to specularity.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm doing my first 'real' steps in Texturing in 3D Coat for a project at university and I wondered if there is any way to convert the color information of a layer to its depth (normalmap) like the 'Color to Specular' option. Even if it's not the best way to create a normal map it is a good starting point and would speed up the workflow dramatically - so far I had to export my layers to PS and generate my normal map with nDo or the nVidia plugins there and then walk back to 3DC. Any chance of an implementation? Pretty please?