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  1. Ty AbnRanger for all that info it does help. I have been looking and recently found some really good tutorials for 3d coat on udemy.com and on pluralsight.com. My plan is since i learned 4 years ago mostly modo , some maya and 3d coat some then ( free version ) is relearning it all but this time blender and 3d coat. I stooped because had a bunch of deaths in the family as i was learning and lost the house ( it ended up working out even better so do not worry, except for loosing very close family that was never a good thing. things did work out and have a better life now then i did , just miss them ) so i lost interest in it for a good while. I tried getting into airbrush artwork a year and half ago and i did well at it for about 6 months and my back problems got so bad i could no longer learn forward at all so that made it impossible for me to airbrush. Since i can sit here in a very nice chair that holds my back well i can 3d model so now i am back into this since it will be a nice artistic outlet for me. I really do hope to get great at both of them and one day able to even animate and make my own little shorts for fun. It is something to keep my mind busy because i have a lot of free time. Ty so much for all the info and i will stick with what a i like the best. Looking over all the software for a few weeks that is when i decided on blender and 3d coat. tyvm for all the info. Ty moska to that was a nice interview. the aspect of 3d coat from watching it seems much more fun to work with then zbrush to so i see completely where you are coming from there.
  2. Newbie Questions

    I have seen 3d coat for a long time and finally bought it on steam. Right now i am learning blender but next is 3d coat because it looks like i can have a lot of fun making stuff with it. The questions i have though is this about what i want to do in the future. One day i hope to get good enough to make my on little anime style 3d animations for fun to share with everyone. Questions Should i learn zbrush to or can i sculpt just as well as zbrush for characters? I really want to do my own custom bagged truck and though blender would be best for that but i know you can do some nice stuff hard surface modeling with 3d coat to, so would it be better to do stuff like that in blender, 3d coat, or something else? Is there any good tutorials ( i have looked up loads ) that go over creating curves on hard surface modeling well ( a example would be a car hood or something on those lines ) ? can i make stuff in blender and bring it over to uv unwrap , paint then take back when its ready to be rendered or animated in the future? when it does come to animation down the road should i just learn blender or something like iclone? i am a far ways away from animating but just though i would throw the question in there. ty for any help you can provide 3d coat is a great program from all i have seen. the only thing is i seem to have a hard time finding good tutorials with detailed work and explains things well.
  3. I have done a lot of research and found loads on youtube, some videos to buy on steam, and found on pluralsight. I bought 3d coat for several reasons and read lots of things about it before i made my decision. The questions i am hoping to be helped with is there anyone that knows a good tutorial to show how to do curves over a hard surface? i was trying to do a bagged pickup truck to try out the modeling. I have been learning blender and i have known about 3d coat for years but finally had the money to buy it. is the pluralsight hard surface 3d coat tutorials any good? could i do a good job in time making characters female or male? would i be better off to sculpt characters in zbrush if i bought it down the road or can i do the same in 3d coat? is it harder to do same stuff in 3d coat as in zbrush? should i just stick to blender for hard surface modeling? I am sure there are more questions i could come up. I have done a lot of reading and i know some answers in ways but not to my liking if that makes sense at all. My plan is to one day be good enough to make my own characters, and etc bring them into i am guessing blender to do small animations with for fun, this is all hobby and would like to create my own universe of people and things that i enjoy that i could share with others for fun. Ty for any help you can give. ( I posted this on steam forums to under the game but i was not sure how many actually used that ( since i bought from steam ). Was not sure to put in 3d coat under general or here so i decided to play it safe to. )
  4. New V4 Training series?

    I know this is a older Thread , but i was reading through and saw it. I have just started the last 2 months learning to 3d model, I have looked into sculpting to and the 2 programs i would like to learn is zbrush and 3d-coat. I have tried to watch a good bit of videos on 3d-coat but still need help if anyone does not mind helping, or even with zbrush to. I have learned alot in this last 2 months but so much more to go. I was just hoping to make some friends in the area that might be able to help teach me 3d coat , and understand it better.