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  1. I have never done any tutorials. What techniques should I focus on if I were to make a tutorial?
  2. Nevermind... It was there. I went through the shader list many times and didn't notice it until now.
  3. From the album Hasuman's Art

    Clearer version of Ariandel's ugly mug. Those feathers were crazy slow to render. Should use just flat planes next time for stuff like that.
  4. From the album Hasuman's Art

    Father Ariandel's bust from Dark Souls 3.
  5. From the album Hasuman's Art

    Vivi Ornitier from Final Fantasy IX. One of the most memorable characters from my childhood, and arguably one of the most developed characters in the franchise.
  6. From the album Hasuman's Art

    Good ol' Vivi needs a Gold Needle, stat.
  7. From the album Hasuman's Art

    Reimagining of my game project's main character in high definition. She likes to punch things a lot, and replaced her arms with a pair made of titanium so she could punch things even harder.
  8. From the album Hasuman's Art

    High definition reimagining of my game project's main character. I might have gone a bit crazy with her physique, haha. Oh, boy. At least she's wearing that good, unlike in the other pic.
  9. From the album Hasuman's Art

    That's a face even his mother won't love! Homage to a really fun boss in Dark Souls 3. Worshipper of a cannibal saint.
  10. From the album Hasuman's Art

    My first serious attempt at hard surface sculpting. A homage to my favourite Quake 3 Arena character. Had a ton of fun making this guy. Can't imagine I'd had as much fun retopologizing him, lol.
  11. In the last 4.7 version there were that classic brown matcap and I always preferred to start sculpting things with it because it had a great sense of depth and contrast. I can't find any of the matcaps in 4.8, and shaping things with PBR materials isn't as easy at least in my eyes. Are the old matcaps still somewhere, or have they been removed completely? Also, is there any way to make my own matcap materials? When I press the "new" button it automatically creates a PBR material.
  12. Is it possible to bake colors like cavity, bump etc. into voxels? I need something like this because I want to export a voxel model for Sketchfab.
  13. Is there any way to decimate the polycount of all objects in the scene instead of doing it seperately for each object? My current very mechanical model has over 30 objects in it and the triangle count is getting over 10 million causing a lot of lag especially when rendering. There has to be a powerful way to optimize things without doing it one at a time for each object.
  14. Ah, I should have replied after watching the videos. I was just confused because my older project made in older version didn't want to show SSS through the vertex painting for some reason. Now I only have one problem. When I bake ambient occlusion or curvature maps and set them to multiply/modulate/any blend setting, they cover the shaders I've set on materials in sculpt room. By that I mean, the ambient occlusion covers their specularity/reflections/glossing unrealistically making the mesh just really dark. Curvature map shows itself as just black and white texture and doesn't change its blending, covering the entire shader.
  15. I might have worded my post badly. Also sorry for late reply. I was trying to ask if I could vertex paint on top of a sculpture and still keep the Skin (pseudo-subsurface scattering) material's effects visible on it. When I paint any color on the mesh, it just covers the SSS effects completely so I can't really create any unique texture on the mesh.