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  1. Absolutely awesome! ... And the update price is sweet! Instant update for me!
  2. Same here on MacOS X 10.7.3
  3. wow incredible!!! ... I also vote for the hard surface tut!! (after the creature!)
  4. Wow that is really inspiring!!!! ... Did u end up in surface or voxel mode? Your head is so crispy/detailed ... so awesome!!!!! Keep it up Leto
  5. Wow this is absolutely great!!!! Keep it up!
  6. Wow it is feeling really smooth!!!
  7. Hi again! Thanks for the help @philnolan3d!! Cheers Leto
  8. Hi there!! I have 2 questions: 1. -Possibility to bake Matcap,Picmat shaders... ??? How to do that? 2. How can I convert the model into voxel when imported without voxelizing? Thx for your help Leto
  9. Hey that lools awesome!! ... pls render a lager version with better quality!
  10. I know that blender is able to import .obj but I was wondering if blender could handle a model straight out of 3DCoat when it comes to a very high polycount!!?? ...
  11. Blender? Yeah! As michalis asked ... how the hell did u exported it out of 3DCoat to get it into blender??
  12. Did you try to export the hight detailed mesh from zbrush?
  13. The new Update does not work on my Mac Pro (10.6.4, 12GB Ram) ... it crashes on startup. I've made some plain installs, but it still crashed on startup ...