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  1. The Pirate

    OUTSTANDING, thanks for sharing
  2. all made at 3d-coat, render at maya, about 5 hours work. concept by Johanes Holm, as I will not let this model go at any games (I made it only for practice) I think that I don't cross any rights 1.5k trys
  3. All made at 3d coat 3.2k tris, 3 maps (dif,spec,normal) hoop at maya Render at maya. Hoop with blades rotate around the body and damage the enemes (I didn't do any animation 'course don't know for what - simple Idea of new weapon fantasy)
  4. Ugly old man

    fantastic textures!
  5. what about 50 cars at one time?
  6. UNBELIVABLE! you will be my hero 'course I think that this is unreachable. At least - if you will make such an engine - creators of 3d coat will took you at there programmers stuff I think - 'course this will axellerated voxels section.
  7. scales how to do?

    I'll try - I may smooth at paint room too. thanks.
  8. scales how to do?

    I wanna paint scales at paint room (with normal, diffuse, spec maps) Is any Ideas (or lessons) how to do it? THe main problem is - can't connect scales to each other - normals from behind is rise frow the top scales.( Any tips? THanks
  9. First 3dCoat Piece!

    Exellent work - take five!
  10. Voxel Normal Projection

    So, you convert to voxels, sculpt the voxels, then at retopo section take your modifiered voxels and old lowpoly model and bake it. (you may eaven take the method when lowpoly will sneep to the voxels). where is the problem? (maybe for my pure English I don't understand you, sorry ^)))
  11. Запечь материал.

    спс, покопаюсь чуть позже, сейчас воюю с автоматическим сглаживанием при повышении детализации, все-таки в збраш приходится затаскивать
  12. Increease resolution

    THanks, I didn't remarked that button (res+) before, maybe it was version 3.3 (now I try 3.5), but by pressing that button it realy works - just increasing 2 times I have good result for my sculpt needs - needs some memory but I ready for this. In any case, when I was solving my problem I open many good connections coat-zbrash - so if i'll have any problems I'll solve them. Thanks for repling of newbe question )
  13. Increease resolution

    How I may do it and what the difference with "increasing voxel resolution"?
  14. Increease resolution

    It's REALY sad At zbrush it's simple and only one small tick - you just press it and when you increase resolution the object not changing - only add more polygones. I don't understand why it's not here at 3d coat (becourse I think that algoritm of "smoothing" is more difficalt when algoritm "leave the polygons at there places and just add some devided". Maybe I'm wrong - I'm not at any kind of programmer. At this example with hand I come at realy impasse - I need to make more detiles for it - add some armor (I wish to make knight glovers) but not any sucsess - it'ss too routh and to make hand avere time from the begining is not the way. Now I'll try to export to zbrash - maybe it will help. THanks for helps.
  15. Increease resolution

    here is the pictures. if at not possable tell me any tips to how go to small detales?