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  1. well'i'm working on this. I need to make better hands though.
  2. Amazing ^^
  3. Beautifull work, reminds of what Mokona Apapa does in 2d ^^ and since i'm a huge fan of her work and Clamp studio in general i just love this 3d piece, well done
  4. thanks ! Voilà ce sur quoi j'ai travaillé dernièrement. il me plaisait pas ; des proportions trop realistes, pas assez de style ect... Et donc, voilà ce que j'ai fait après... Plus stylisé donc. J'ai fini par manger de la retopo et après quelques modifs le voici dans blender.
  5. wow ! awesome ! I won't repeat that "you raises the bar on this challenge" because i find it rude to say that regarding the work of the others, but it's pretty good. I'm frustrated anyway so i don't think i'll continue since when i participated the bar was low and i have more interesting things to do on my part ... ... or not ^^ lol
  6. Benk : This looks already very close , i mean, i have the feeling ^^ ! Congrats
  7. he looks cool and evilish ... Nice work
  8. i've made some progresses and thought i could share. important : THIS IS NOT THE CAT !!! lol
  9. so, i tried to edit the previous post but couldn't. here is another shot at what i'm doing at the moment ; roughing the stage. Honestly i don't even know what i'm doing :s. I do have an idea of how to proceed but lot of things i'll hopefully find as i work. and no, this is not the cat ^^.
  10. Hi everybody and congrats for the hard and nice work so far. O.K. I'm very scared to enter this challenge since it's going to be really hard. but ok, I'll do the "puss in boots" or "master cat" from Charles Perrault. I've decided to take my inspiration form this picture from Gustave doré. I'm not sure yet what to work first on though. Lot of components here plus i want to give it a stylised feel... More to come asap so, i'll take lot of liberties with gustave dore's picture btw. Trying the cloth simulation of 3d coat. I wasn't even aware of this feature :p
  11. Merci, voici une petite mise à jour ; j'ai découvert que je pouvais peindre directement sur les voxels en les transformant en surface.... Je la cherche encore... Thanks, here 's an update, i'm still searching for her.
  12. c'est très chouette, félicitation. Un petit bémol perso sur le moment où il y'a l'explosion toutefois. je ne sais pas pourquoi mais pour moi ça fonctionne pas, surement une question de timing ; j'y ai pas crut quoi... Sinon la réalisation et les décors sont à couper le souffle.