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  7. anyone has this problem or is it only me? when i click ALT in wireframe mode, I get this kind of wire quality.
  8. anyone has this problem or is it only me? check the picture. thanks
  9. nope, always reassign. It looks like a bug to me, its kinda laggy when I change tools. Also If I hold the button down, its stays on that tool, let it go and it goes back. But after deleting all the 3dcoat folders it runs perfectly again. Im not sure If its necessary to delete all the folders or only the latest ver.
  10. Alright, I dont know what is the problem but one solution is to delete 3d coat from my documents (yeah, better backup your stuff first) and reinstall it.
  11. Hello. its back! I have no idea why its happening. any solution?
  12. how can i see each winners wip thread?
  13. I don't see how dof or gray shader could help. Thanks tho. Interesting. Depth pass is so obvious thing these days. I hope v5 will fix this problem 0:)