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  1. Another problem is that now if you just want to vertex paint a hard surface (e.g. from cad) mesh the normals get messed up and you dont have acess to the lock normals check box found in the per pixel painting import options.
  2. Thanks carlosan, thats fixed it! also my gradient problem aswell. It is odd though why it does not work if you import to vertex paint.
  3. Start a new scene, click vertex paint, load this file. Try then. Think its something to do with ply files. Have to use that format though so I can save the vertex color. Sure this bug is why the gradients where not working aswell. Ball2.ply
  4. Think it was because I was in vertex paint mode and I was having problems with the gradient not working before aswell.
  5. I guess it does not work in vertex paint mode, think thats what it is.
  6. As title suggests, does not seem to work in 4.8.04.
  7. Gradient Fill

    Yeah your right you have to overcrank the values to get it to work. So its a bug then? Because its not working as intended. Im sure I never had this problem before doing large scale terrains. Would be good if there was a vertex color smart material, so you could control the overall values aswell like hue/sat/val or summin.
  8. Gradient Fill

    I never said the preview window is not accurate, I said it is how it should be. I'm getting that horrible fill of two colors like the image above. (with no gradient) Why is it that the scale is different when you load the same model in?
  9. Gradient Fill

    Are you scaling the model at all? I noticed the settings for the gradient points seemed very high compared to mine. When I import the model in I only need a value of 200 (point 2 y) for the gradient to get to the top of the model. Yours says 40,000 (point 2 y)
  10. Gradient Fill

    Watch the video I posted grad_hb.mp4. There is no gradient when i press fill layer. Just 2 colors.
  11. Gradient Fill

    Here's another example using a different object. It does look like it's something to do with scale, but the smart preview shows it how it should be. Say_HB.mp4
  12. Gradient Fill

    I tried updating my graphics drivers, re-installing 3dcoat and deleting the leftover folders in my documents. The smart material view shows it how it should be. When i press fill layer its not filling the same. I do the same as you, its just not giving me the same output. Here's a video you will see. Grad_HB.mp4
  13. Gradient Fill

    Was going to ask aswell if theres any chance something like this could be done for 3dc? Terrain Tools for zbrush. https://gumroad.com/l/VRugL#
  14. Gradient Fill

    I think its something to do with scale why its not working. If I create a new mesh or load a smaller one it works as intended. When I load these big terrains I been saving out its not working. It looks right in the smart material view but when you press enter to fill layer its not doing it the same. I tried filling the object aswell but that does nothing. I've attached a test file so you can check it. Is there any chance in the future that the smart view will go? Just have the program WYSIWYG? Test2.ply
  15. Gradient Fill

    I used the import object to vertex paint option. I did the UV,s in blender. Used the displacement modifier on a 1024*1024 grid. If im vertex painting though this should not matter? I think its surface mode yeah. Im importing it as a ply into toolbag with just vertex color no texture.