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  1. Yeah your right you have to overcrank the values to get it to work. So its a bug then? Because its not working as intended. Im sure I never had this problem before doing large scale terrains. Would be good if there was a vertex color smart material, so you could control the overall values aswell like hue/sat/val or summin.
  2. I never said the preview window is not accurate, I said it is how it should be. I'm getting that horrible fill of two colors like the image above. (with no gradient) Why is it that the scale is different when you load the same model in?
  3. Are you scaling the model at all? I noticed the settings for the gradient points seemed very high compared to mine. When I import the model in I only need a value of 200 (point 2 y) for the gradient to get to the top of the model. Yours says 40,000 (point 2 y)
  4. Watch the video I posted grad_hb.mp4. There is no gradient when i press fill layer. Just 2 colors.
  5. Here's another example using a different object. It does look like it's something to do with scale, but the smart preview shows it how it should be. Say_HB.mp4
  6. I tried updating my graphics drivers, re-installing 3dcoat and deleting the leftover folders in my documents. The smart material view shows it how it should be. When i press fill layer its not filling the same. I do the same as you, its just not giving me the same output. Here's a video you will see. Grad_HB.mp4
  7. Was going to ask aswell if theres any chance something like this could be done for 3dc? Terrain Tools for zbrush.
  8. I think its something to do with scale why its not working. If I create a new mesh or load a smaller one it works as intended. When I load these big terrains I been saving out its not working. It looks right in the smart material view but when you press enter to fill layer its not doing it the same. I tried filling the object aswell but that does nothing. I've attached a test file so you can check it. Is there any chance in the future that the smart view will go? Just have the program WYSIWYG? Test2.ply
  9. I used the import object to vertex paint option. I did the UV,s in blender. Used the displacement modifier on a 1024*1024 grid. If im vertex painting though this should not matter? I think its surface mode yeah. Im importing it as a ply into toolbag with just vertex color no texture.
  10. Hi there, i been doing some terrain tests and it seems the gradient fill tool is still not working. (V 4.7.36) It shows it how it should be in the smart window but when you apply it there's no gradient as such. (just the two colors without the blend) It works if i just create a new scene cube from scratch and fill it. Just when i import a mesh either ply or obj. Oh also the icon for the material get corrupt when i edit the values (oldschool paint) Should i use oldschool paint if I want to just paint the vertex colors? I also have a feature request, theres a similar one on trello but it would be nice if you moused over the layer blend text you could press the up and down keys to cycle through the blend modes. (like photoshop) I would of posted this in the new release/beta thread but i am unable too. Cheers Royston
  11. I would love this aswell. Both gpu's I've had scream when using 3dcoat, (the only program that seems to do it) and it can't be good running at about 800 fps. It's mildly annoying having to run nvidia inspector everytime I wanna use the program and it does not seem to solve it everytime. Thumps up for the option of capping it at 60fps. Please!!!
  12. Heya, I found out what it is thanks, its the setting under the curves create tool. Brush along curve was checked and effecting it. Didn't realize that tool effected the text tool aswell. Make sense though if its both using the curve settings.
  13. Hello peeps, my names royster and Im a 3d generalist from the uk. I wanted to say hi and thanks for your all the updates you have been working on. Overall I am finding this release good, especially on the performance front working good even on my old gtx580. The brushes are responsive and overall a smooth experience. I found a bug though but i cannot post on the new releases forum so I will ad it here.: Im currently testing 4.7.19 the text tool is not working as per normal, its just producing a line. See image.