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  1. RenderMan render

    I'm very happy with the choice of Renderman, it's one of the best and most versatile renders in VFX industry, Renderman RIS 21 is a new render engine, IPR is very fast, and the PxrSurface shader is great for any material.
  2. RenderMan render

    That's amazing.
  3. Sci-Fi

    This is a concept for a sci-fi city, I did this Project just for fun and to train skills in composition, matte paint and study Clarisse IFX. Basic modeling done in Maya, sculpt and textures in 3d Coat, compositing Nuke and Photoshop. Video with some cameras animations and a little making of: Cheers.
  4. Seven wheels for speed

    Very good.
  5. Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Yeah,vignette is always a cool trick, but this time I wanted to see everything well visible. Thank you.
  6. Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Final Image Finally I finished my image, thank Pilgway to make this challenge, was a great opportunity to learn and go deeper in 3d coat.
  7. Turtle Submarine

    Amazing work.
  8. Taxi

    Nice design.
  9. Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Working hard here...
  10. Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Wire barricade:
  11. Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Canyon made with World Machine, in 3d Coat I make a hires mesh, duplicate, decimate, extract normal map and make a smart material with some layers:
  12. Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Testing barricades and debris with textures in Maya:
  13. Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Secondary vehicle:
  14. Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    More barricades in voxels, the iron bars are geometry splines:
  15. Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Making the ground, base mesh with sculpt surface, retopo, in paint room I make two alphas from the treads geometry, and paint displacement to simulate the marks on the ground.