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  1. Just having some fun with the concept of love! 3D Coat, Houdini 16.5, Redshift GPU renderer
  2. Modeled in 3D Coat, Scene created in Houdini 16 Rendered using Redshift GPU renderer Having a little fun, and doing something a little more interesting to get your thought juices flowing!
  3. Painting with transparency change or issue

    Yes BRO !!! tried multiple versions up to the latest versions !! on multiple computers, bro
  4. Since version 4.7.06 I think there was some kind of change or could be a glitch but probably not because I have the same problem with every newer version. When I select a smart material to paint with. For example, Dirt with 2.4 degree in shadow. The older version would paint with transparancy to create dirt or dust. In the newer versions, transparency is not working as it just paints over the existing paint without transparency. The opacity itself works, but nothing with the degree of transparency. I messed around for a while changing things like paint brush to airbrush and sometimes it worked and sometimes not. Then I couldn't get it working again. I am assuming their is a new feature I need to use, but I am not sure what is going on or if it's a bug in the code. Wondering if anyone knows what is going on, or if I am doing something wrong. If I load up 4.7.06 it works like it did before
  5. Using a Shape spline as a curve spline

    Thanx...!! helpful but not helpful Would be nice if 5 supported realtime GI in the Sculpt room as well. So that their is less rendering to see what it looks like. Is there anywhere that lists what will be in Ver 5 on this site?
  6. Using a Shape spline as a curve spline

    Hi, Is there a way to save the brush shape .spline, then use it for the curves .curve? For example, lets say I make a spline and modify some geometry, then I want to use the same path in the curves. But they are different save and load formats? can this be done another way, or the spline and curves used togethor? Or is there a workaround? This way you don't need to redo the splines and curves when switching between sculpting to curves
  7. [Solved] Issues with Rendering other then default size

    oh, i see. It was working the whole time. It appeared as it was calculating the rays in a loop, but I was stopping it before it finished because I thought it was freaking out in a loop. So I guess it does work. Sorry about that
  8. [Solved] Issues with Rendering other then default size

    I seem to be having the same problem in 4.8.03, unless I am doing something wrong
  9. When I try to render custom and choose anything but the default size. The render keeps looping and does not save. If it is set to whole screen and 2149 x 1137 then the image saves fine. Is there anything I am missing or is this a glitch?
  10. [Solved] Copy Material Texture to Documents Dir

    Ok, that will work You should have the material ask if you want the textures put in the document folder on material creation would be a nice addition
  11. Hi Space Cases ! I notice when I am working on a project and create a smart material, it associates the Texture with the folder it is in. This makes perfect sense. However when the project folder is deleted or moved after completion, the Material still exists with an image in cache, and 3D Coat wanting the file location which no longer exists. My question is: is there a way or future way to be able to have the Texture copied to the documents folder, or an option to tell it to make a copy in the documents folder on material creation so that the materials can be used for future work without having to figure out where the texture file went. Because it would then be centralized in the Documents folder. So you can Archive or Create libraries while working on your existing project instead of manually copying each texture to the Documents folder while working on a project. Saves time, Makes for a faster workflow that can be used in future projects without premediatedly thinking about copying the textures into the document directory? Can this be done at all now? if not can it be done in the future? Raise ya hand if you think this should be part of 3D Coat! ok, so solutions?
  12. Paint Object Problem

    I've never had this problem before, but in this case, it did it. Something in the scene freaked it out and it wasn't happy. I've noticed all sorts of bugs and glitches in 3D Coat, despite the fact I love the program. But it is buggy as hell. For example, a lot of times if you name thing with spaces, it freaks out the exports or retopo's example "My Object" in the Sculpt room should be named "My_Object" or without spaces. Or things go wrong. Little quirckie things like this. It however is a really good program and I like the interface way better then Zbrush. But the Bugs need to be ironed out. I could do a screen cap if they really want it. To show them. It's only happened to me in this one instance. But it isn't happy with something.
  13. Paint Object Problem

    Noo Whatt I amm Sayingg is, that when scaling in the scculptingg roomm, on a importedd neww objectt. A differentt Retoppodd obectt which is a paintt objectt scales withh the imported voxel/Surdacce Objectt. Whicchh Shouldd havee noo associationn, whatsoeverr
  14. Paint Object Problem

    I imported some Geometry into the Sculpt room, and scaled it on import. While doing this, for some reason, One of the Paint objects also scaled as well. It's retopology mesh didn't scale at all. Just the Paint Object in the paint room. This seems like it's a Glitch. Is there any way to either rescale the Paint Object, or delete it and create a new one without loosing the associated UV's and Texture layers associate with it?
  15. New one Sculpted in 3D Coat, Then scene set up using Houdini And Redshift