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  1. Hello guys I hope this is not a stupid question but Is there option to have smart material effect on textures when painting normal map? I noticed that material properties like for example rust on concave/convex etc are not showing on normal maps? Or is there need for any specific order of smart material and normal map in layer tree?
  2. Mecha

    Modeled and textured in 3Dcoat
  3. Skye's sketchbook

    another renders
  4. Skye's sketchbook

    I exported textures to keyshot, i was not able to load normals but i found this great tutorial by Chip Walters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk_6SsRfmAg
  5. Skye's sketchbook

    experimenting in paint room with texturing on simple model
  6. Skye's sketchbook

    little update
  7. Skye's sketchbook

    little WIP of matrix chamber, now I am trying to figure out proper keyshot settings for render, any tips?
  8. Hello, I am playing with 3Dcoat for a while but recently I came to this video: https://vimeo.com/206531457 Here guy decimates objects in S mode but how then he imports it for painting? How did he achieved automated UV map in paint mode? I tried several approaches for import decimated mesh but results were usually crashing. Thank you!
  9. Skye's sketchbook

    Something new. Abandoned bunker, post apo
  10. Skye's sketchbook

    Here are the finals. Time to try something new.
  11. Skye's sketchbook

    still trying
  12. Skye's sketchbook

    here is another iteration, trying to work more on details and design
  13. Skye's sketchbook

    little sketch. experimenting with keyshot, I found it a bit harder to find good materials.