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  1. Here are the finals. Time to try something new.
  2. Space freighter

    From the album Space freighter

  3. Space freighter

    From the album Space freighter

  4. still trying
  5. here is another iteration, trying to work more on details and design
  6. little sketch. experimenting with keyshot, I found it a bit harder to find good materials.
  7. It is right away after importing to sculpt room
  8. I have artifacts after importing those .obj's, any tips? I tried import object and import mesh for voxelization, same issue.
  9. Another thing, I assigned only default shader on the model instead of those many. It is still lagging when painting, but for learning purposed it's enough I think
  10. I did reduced my voxtree layers by merging parts of it since I don't know yet how to properly work with symmetry during retopo and inputted 2048 and it worked a bit better.
  11. I have 8 gigs RAM
  12. Hello, I am new her and big fan of 3Dcoat, here is recent bust I did. I tried to upload it to Sketchfab here here Somehow I am not able to edit all materials, I only wanted simple colors and tried retopo with low poly decimated parts but 3D coat froze
  13. I am new here and working currently on this composition, I want some cyberpunk wibe to this image, something like old school shadworun poster. I will use 3d coat models as base but not sure how far to go with them since I plan doing post painting in photoshop