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  1. Can we re-topo elsewhere if we sculpt and paint everything in 3D Coat?
  2. Cool theme! I presume huge, mechanical Steampunk animatronic robotic animal vehicles count don't they?
  3. I am pretty excited to see the next beta. :-)
  4. That sounds pretty good actually and it makes a lot of sense. 3d Coat can be a complex beast but it is still faster than zbrush for baking from 3d scan data and adding normal maps to individual portions of a low poly mesh.
  5. Noooooooo! :-(Are there any plans for an alternative? It is a really useful room for low making tweaks to low poly objects for baking purposes. Sometimes, you don't want everything to conform to what is in the sculpt room. Your awesome script did help with part of this but this is like the final piece of the puzzle. Does anyone else use the tweak room?
  6. Evening all! The one thing I would absolutely love is for the sculpt object to be visible in the tweak room. It would be so useful.
  7. A great tool. I created a pretty good scan of my wallet this morning just using a few rough mobile phone photos. I am really interest to see what they are going to sell it for after Jan 31st.
  8. Yes please ☺
  9. Hello everyone! I feel like I only come here to look around and ask questions now. ;-) Anyway. Is there a way to have the voxel / surface object show up in the tweak room? Many thanks in advance. I am now looking to manually tweak the face of a low poly template human mesh to match the position of an imported face scan. Kind of the reverse of the above. I know I can import both into the sculpt room and do it that way but I was hoping a simple 'show voxels' tick box existed in the tweak room. Does it? Maybe I am just not seeing the wood for the trees.... ;-)
  10. Just a post to congratulate Andrew and the team! My brother is an Interior Architect and I have been going on at him about the virtues of providing his clients with realtime walk through's using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. (I launched a new company in June called Augmented Reality Design Solutions). I got him to send me an fbx of a retail interior / exhibition stand that he had designed so that I could create an Augmented Reality table top version. Anybody who has worked with an Architect or Interior Designers files may know that they don't care about UV's because they don't usually have too. I was left with a complex model with vertex colours assigned and loads (loads and loads) of sub objects to UV map in one sheet so I could create an efficient light map and ambient occlusion. Every single other program I used choked to death when I tried to unwrap everything to one sheet. Blenders lightmap pack couldn't handle it. Zbrush unwrapped then died when I used the morph UV's button to see the results. 3D coat did what I needed quickly and gave me good, solid results.
  11. Ajz3d, you are a legend! That script works perfectly for my needs! Thank you so, so much for making it! You have saved me hours and lots of messing about in Blender and Zbrush!
  12. Interestingly, I am able to edit the normal map using the colour brush. It paints at 0 (flat) and will also blur. This kind-of solves my problem but it would be great to edit them properly like any other map. I am glad to know it is not just an issue I was having. I have ignored it mostly and just 'got on with it' as I do with most things.
  13. Thank you Carlosan! :-)
  14. While I am here asking questions; does anyone else experience issues painting on the normal map layer with the depth brush after baking?
  15. Thanks guys! That sounds like a perfect solution. Is the script available to download?