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  1. Can we re-topo elsewhere if we sculpt and paint everything in 3D Coat?
  2. Cool theme! I presume huge, mechanical Steampunk animatronic robotic animal vehicles count don't they?
  3. A great tool. I created a pretty good scan of my wallet this morning just using a few rough mobile phone photos. I am really interest to see what they are going to sell it for after Jan 31st.
  4. That's a great use of the retopo tool! I have never thought of using retopo in this way but it could be extremely useful for creating any kind of wearable that needs to fit to the contours of a human body. Well done.
  5. I would have loved to have taken part but work and life have been packed. I think I could manage it this month if there were an extension. I think it's a really interesting challenge that deserves to be met.
  6. Definitely. Pressing space brings up a menu but another simple GUIDE at the side would be great.
  7. 4r7 really is awesome. It amazes me that I can work with such a huge amount of polys. The new basemesh modelling tools are rapid but will take a bit of getting used to.
  8. Oooh, a very interesting challenge.
  9. I remember being completely amazed by it. I was so glad to have found it. I can not remember how I did though.
  10. No time at all over the holiday period but here is my finished sculpt. A strange Giant mouse washed up on the beach and the locals are unable to pin him down. It must be undead Gulliver Mickey. I am going to have to call it done as we are off to the pantomime with the kids. Happy New Year.
  11. A very merry Christmas to all my fellow coaters. :-)
  12. I kind of let things slip when nobody else posted anything. Things have also been a bit hectic at the moment.
  13. The extra time will be appreciated as I also need to create loads of little people. It is completely up to you guys though. I wonder why more people didn't opt in for this one.
  14. Apologies for the delay so far. It has been a very busy month. As usual, I am going in fast and furious. Anyone else got anything to show? It is a cool theme.
  15. First rough, blocking out sculpt with symmetry turned on. He will look very different when I am done.