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  1. Many Many Thanks for comments. I have changed Water Waves. Now its looking better. Please watch in HD
  2. I have changed the background Water Waves. They were not looking so nice. Please see the new version in HD
  3. Cartoon Crab 6 Leg walk Run and Play. Created in Blender. Some work in the Background is still pending. I am working on that. Please watch in HD
  4. Worm Walk cycle created in blender
  5. Thanks for comments. Here is another version with 500 Frames 30 FPS
  6. Blood Dripping from Text Watch it Here
  7. Thanks for reply. Yes Its here
  8. Blender Drum Music Simulation. Created with Python Programming another one Hope Every one will like it.
  9. Now my 3D Fishes are talking.
  10. A Small Video with my 3D Fishes Please watch in HD
  11. Its created in Blender and Rendered in Blender as well. I didn't know that I should have not been posed here?. Please moderator, put my thread in the apprepriate section. a small video to check the movement. Video is also creted in Blender
  12. Underwater 3D Animated Environment, Underwater 3D Animation. Underwater Lights. Semi Transparent Coral Animation. Underwater caustic Light. Underwater Environment is almost ready. Now I will put some Fishes and Other water animals to go ahead with my under development cartoon story. Every thing is created in Blender. Please watch 23 sec video with this envirionment. Moved. -Custodian
  13. 3D Fishes created in Blender for my Underwater Story you can watch a little here Moved. -Custodian