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  1. Added the note, thank you the link!
  2. Wow, they did come back to it. I used to be super fast with Silo but because I've always been forced to use other packages at work + Silo didn't have an update for like 10 years so I had to abolish it.
  3. Hey, Carlosan, could you ask for the noise toolset to be expanded? As it's only an overall noise right now. Pretty much just copying and improving most of the Zbrush noise features would have been the way to go.
  4. Carlosan, I've added it to the description and I'll do a short video on it, maybe 5 minutes. It's not possible to reupload the video on Youtube, unfortunately. druh0o, saving presets would have been cool indeed. Also having a noise brush would have been pretty cool. Right now I need to mask out everything but the noise area which is a bit time consuming.
  5. Hi Carlosan, I've just given it a try. Finally! Yes it works! Even on super complicated sketches. I'll pin a comment about it on my youtube. We can make this thread [Solved] then. Thank you, Anton
  6. Hi all, I really like Sketch Tool in 3D Coat. In fact, I made a fairly popular tutorial about it on youtube. But it is really buggy I've tested it numerous times with different voxel density and scale but it's always unpredictable. So when I hit "apply" sometimes I get the full sketch but more often I get it filled by 20% or none at all. I've ticked and unticked all the boxes in the tool as well, desperately trying to get it working. I think this tool has got some amazing potential and it beats shadowbox in Zbrush on many levels (and I've made video about Zbrush shadowbox as well) But it is just unusable. I can spend 10 minutes sketching without a possibility of applying it. I hope something can be done about it. Cheers, Anton
  7. And I made a mistake about noise modifier! You have it and it's pretty good. Like Zbrush's got more sophisticated one but it's more complicated while 3D Coat's is really good and it gives real feedback unlike ZBrush which shows you a preview that doesn't look same when applied.
  8. Hi Carlosan, Thank you for linking it I wanted to post it just now but it turned to be here already Cheers, Anton
  9. Thank you, Carlosan, for the explanation! I see now.
  10. Hello to awesome 3D coat team! Do you guys plan to do anything like live booleans in Zbrush 4R8? For me, that's the only feature that Zbrush has that is really worth adding. I don't know if voxel sculpting would allow something like that or if it is easy to implement but it would be really great to see. Maybe in 3D Coat 5 Cheers, Anton
  11. Thank you Carlosan! Tony, in this case left-wing radicals got their hands on AI tech first and went on carrying out their own crazy ideas
  12. From the album Space Communists

    Phobos has been a base for the space communists for over 200 hundred years. It was eventually reshaped to resemble the original leader of the Soviet Revolution - Vladimir Lenin. Violent conflicts left numerous scars and craters on this moon but it is still one of the most powerful weapons in our solar system. It will help to continue the revolutionary fight against imperial transhumanists, inhuman AIs, and other degenerate factions until the final and inevitable Soviet victory!
  13. Thank you, Carlosan!
  14. From the album Bigrail

    Railgun turret fully done in 3D coat and rendered in Keyshot. I share my techniques on my channel - Background comes from Fotoref's photopack - I've bought soldier model here
  15. From the album Bigrail

    Railgun turret fully done in 3D coat and rendered in Keyshot. I share my techniques on my channel - I've bought soldier model here