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  10. Retrowave

    I've wanted to do some stylized retro sci-fi. After hours of listening to synthwave this is what came out!
  11. Added the note, thank you the link!
  12. Silo 3D V2.5 Released

    Wow, they did come back to it. I used to be super fast with Silo but because I've always been forced to use other packages at work + Silo didn't have an update for like 10 years so I had to abolish it.
  13. Hey, Carlosan, could you ask for the noise toolset to be expanded? As it's only an overall noise right now. Pretty much just copying and improving most of the Zbrush noise features would have been the way to go.
  14. Carlosan, I've added it to the description and I'll do a short video on it, maybe 5 minutes. It's not possible to reupload the video on Youtube, unfortunately. druh0o, saving presets would have been cool indeed. Also having a noise brush would have been pretty cool. Right now I need to mask out everything but the noise area which is a bit time consuming.
  15. [Solved] Sketch tool doesn't apply the sketch

    Hi Carlosan, I've just given it a try. Finally! Yes it works! Even on super complicated sketches. I'll pin a comment about it on my youtube. We can make this thread [Solved] then. Thank you, Anton