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  1. ok, thanks for the head-up and keep up to good work!
  2. sounds nice ! any news on the masks?
  3. hello, sorry for not reporting back for a longer time - now I got my trail extended, I was able to test your suggestion - and it works! So I think, the issue is/was, that in voxel-mode, there is not much smoothing going on or it does not work as strong as in surface mode. Ok great, sp Pen Pressure works! Best Regards
  4. Hello Sergyi, I really would like to test it - but unfortunately my trial-time expired yesterday. I expected the smooth brush to kind of "undo(even out" even drastic changes, like smoothing them out and make things look like before (this is the behavior in most other apps, I´ve tested so far). Smoothing-brush really "destroys" sculpt and does remove allmost all sculpted stuff. best regards
  5. So my 3D Coat trail is coming to it´s end soon, without having solved this issue - which is a sad thing. I would really like to use 3D Coat as my go-to-sculpting app... but without a working smoothing brush... well, I think I will look around for other software. Thanks for support, maybe I will check back later to see, if there will be a solution
  6. Ok - dont know, what it was - but after restarting, all brushes radius were set eeeery small ! As I increased radius, things start working again. But still, smoothing brush seems not to react on pressure - it allways smoothes things out veeeery slighly
  7. Hello Sergyi the pressure test is showing 300 (low pressure) and 600, when I press hard. just works, like before. I renamed the 3DCoat folder in documents, like you suggested, started 3D coat an tested brushes, again. Now, no brush is working - either with Pen, nor with mouse... either in voxel mode or in surface mode. For model, I used the large sphere of the "standard scene" entry in splash-menu
  8. wow, sounds great hope you and your team can make fast progress without having to squish too much bugs
  9. On the website, it says "Bakers" - but not included yet, right? Or did I overlooked something, again?!
  10. hey Sergyi, I downloaded the tester again and run it. It does not show "3d coat", but once again "Pen input (button). not sure, if I get this right?! So you suggest to delete my " Documents > 3D-CoatV47" ???. how can I test the 3d brushes inside this tester?! I am a bit confused...
  11. Nice ! Maybe add some kind of announcements instide Instant-light itself? Will follow on twitter, then!
  12. hey Michael, how do I get informed about new version or updates? Best regards
  13. Ok, let me correct this - smoothing kind of works, but just veeeery subtile, no matter what brush settings or pressure I use. Smoothing is set to 100% already, and even if I set the brush´s curve very high, still nearly no smoothing effect. On desktop when using a mouse, smoothing works much more dramatic/strong