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  1. Yeah lol, they changed a lot in the internal handling of scenes and layers and so on and I guess they did not update the Python binding so the import script produces an error at the moment . Also interesting: https://code.blender.org/2016/12/the-blender-101-project-and-you/ Edit: And with the Blender Code Quest they are now trying to push the development and finish 2.8 until mid 2018 I just bought one of their rockets to support them: https://www.blender.org/2-8/quest/
  2. Someone deleted the download link of the first post hehe Guess it was mistaken with the Blender Dev Build link I also posted. I added the download link to my last post.
  3. Hi all, thanks for the nice words! I just updated the script to V 0.7, it now supports Eevee in Blender V 2.8 (Blender Dev build, can be found here: https://builder.blender.org/download/ ) I used Windows 64 bit (not the new compiler one). I guess it should work with any of these. Since Blender 2.8 is still in development, I can't guarantee the Add-on to be working forever. Add-on download link: https://irrgeist.de/blender-3d-coat-pbr-import-add-on/ Just for testing. Here's a a test Eevee render: Some technical/tester stuff: The Add-on now checks for the Blender version to switch between old and new API. I tested it with both versions without problems. If you encounter an error, toggle on the console in Blender: Window => Toggle System Console and post a screenshot. This can help me find the bug Edit: If you want to import your .obj with Blender 2.8 it will not work (for me at least). If you encounter the same problem, just import it with Blender 2.7 and save the .blend file. then open it with Blender 2.8
  4. Import gives me tris instead of quads

    Thank you very much for the advice. I am exited to test it when I am back home! Looks promising.
  5. Thank you very much digman for testing again I will now begin tweaking some stuff and (finally) add Eevee support, AppLink integration and submit this plugin to Blender. But first I have to finish some other stuff in my pipeline. Your node setup for adding a HDR seems to be another good idea for a small plugin "Choose HDR image" => Done
  6. Just updated to V 0.6 and included the RGB stuff. Setting up a group was a pain in the ass, so I stopped working on that (for now maybe). Download is here (always latest Version): https://irrgeist.de/blender-3d-coat-pbr-import-add-on/
  7. Import gives me tris instead of quads

    Ah okay, thanks for the answer. I sure have to get my workflow straight. I planned this: Import base mesh Manipulate it in 3D Coat Texture it Export it to Blender Rig it in Blender Animate in Blender Import to Unity Guess I have to include a retopo step also? Or is 3D Coat able to track my mesh changes, when I also import the model in the retopo room? Also, since Unity has .blend file auto imports it would be really convenient to end up in Blender in the end.
  8. How about something like this? I'll wait for your approval about the correctness of your setup and implement it
  9. Yes, like in your picture. Maybe even wrap this whole setup in a Group Node exposing all relevant parameter options.
  10. Very good Thanks again for testing and the tips! I will keep you up to date with the progress of the AppLink integration and future updates. I was thinking about adding some sliders to the nodes to quickly adjust the amount of roughness and metalness, what do you think? Oh, and next will be Eevee I guess ... didn't check it out that much. But I guess the setup will be similar. Hope the Python SDK is not that different in this version.
  11. I just finished setting up my blog and made a post about this Add-on here: https://irrgeist.de/2018/02/18/blender-3d-coat-pbr-material-add-on/ I will update the source files and infos there, so maybe the forum "update ghost" can put the link in my first post I will also post here, when updates are made.
  12. Hi you two @digman Thank you very much digman for taking your time to test and optimise the materials! Now THAT looks waaay better. I may have been drinking too much J├Ągermeister that day. Of course the metallic needs to be connected to the metallic slot I totally overlooked the non-color thing. I changed both problems and updated the script (see end of post) @AbnRanger Thank you very much. I can see the need for the AppLink update, that's the reason why I even started doing this I am investigating the existing AppLink(s) now (SimpleAppLink depends on the original). I am trying to alter my script, so that it will use the existing functionality. I got the AppLink running, but "Import" doesn't seem to work for me. Also I first have to use the "tranfer" button of the "old" AppLink" for the "Simple3DCoat AppLink"'s "Export" to work. Does the AppLink work for you (except the material stuff)? If so, how is your workflow? Since I have many other things in my pipeline, I will not be able to update the old AppLink scripts (they are rather big and complex and lack comments). But I will try to make it look like this: My script will hopefully offer these things: The already implemented Import (does NOT need AppLink) The Import/Export Buttons in the Blender Toolbar to Update the material based on the AppLink imported data (hope it will work) Will be free, I don't plan to make money with it, I am having fun So here's the latest Version: I updated the script to V 0.1.5 Download: https://pastebin.com/3fgYwsNc If AppLink Add-on is activated, you should already see the new buttons in the EX-Toolbar. But they to not work yet. If disabled, there should be no toolbar extension at all. In the next version :P Changes: Metallic now connects to the correct slot Metttalic, Roughness and NMap are now set to Non-Color If AppLink is present, new toolbar option available (WIP, not working for now)
  13. I have a base model in Blender, exported as .fbx (and reimported to test if everything is fine, yes it is). Importing it into 3D Coat (Surface Sculpting) I get a model made out of tris instead of quads: What am I doing wrong here?
  14. Hey, just tried the latest AppLink for Blender, seems to be broken with 2.79. I can import the Mesh but that's it. Clicking on "Transfer" gives me a syntax error. Is it normal, that I have to Select "File => Export => Blender" in 3D Coat and manually find my Export Folder? Or am I doing it wrong? When I find the time, I will look into the existing AppLink code and try to enhance it. I just need to figure out what these option were supposed to do:
  15. It's a separate Add-on for this purpose, but maybe you like to check it out: Since I can't edit my first post, scroll down for the latest version. Eevee support will come soon I hope.