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  1. Lamnho

    Digital sculpt inspired by Alien. Video turn around https://www.artstation.com/artwork/wY0aV
  2. What Are You Working On ?

    a sculpt i did recently and turntable can be see here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zwbzq
  3. smart materials

    Hi there, Does anyone know where I can download more smart materials/regular materials in sculpt room as well. Recently just brought the new release and really enjoy it. Thanks guys
  4. help on smart materials

    Hi there, I accidentally delete some of the smart material folders such as metal, plastic, paint,... while learning how to make new materials. I tried to restore it back to factory setting but didn't work. is there a place i can download the default and new smart materials and reinstall them back. I have attached a screencap. Thanks so much
  5. Metal smart material not showing

    Hi there, I accidentally lost the metal smart material. I tried to reload it back but couldn't find it in my C drive. Any suggestion? thanks
  6. Restoring mannequin to default pose

  7. Hi there, I loaded the default Mannequin and posed it in different pose but accidentally saved it over the t pose. How can I restore it back to the t pose? Thanks