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  1. 3D-Coat vs. ZBrush auto-retopology comparison

    Thank you, @iceage, appreciated.
  2. 3D-Coat vs. ZBrush auto-retopology comparison

    Thanks @digman! That's my experience too.
  3. 3D-Coat vs. ZBrush auto-retopology comparison

    The article has also been published on CG Record. I hope this brings 3D-Coat some interesting exposure. Regards, Metin
  4. Hi, I wrote an evaluation of the two best 3D auto-retopology algorithms available today — 3D Coat's Autopo and ZBrush's ZRemesher. Read the article here. Regards, Metin
  5. 3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Great. Thanks for your swift reply, @Carlosan!
  6. 3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hi, I've been away from 3D-Coat for a while because of a move to a different computer. I'd like to reinstall 3D-Coat now on the other machine (I've deactivated my license on the previous machine), but I'd like to know: can I install the latest beta download right away and activate my license, or do I need to install the official 3D-Coat 4.8 release first? Thanks, Metin
  7. 3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hi Andrew, Many thanks for the new beta. The latest MacOS beta download in your initial post is version 4.8.04, is that correct? If that's correct, then the Constructor tool snapping still doesn't work correctly on MacOS. It's the same as in the previous beta: the Smart Placement option only works in a few cases, like in corners that have three surrounding walls, and the same goes for the Place Edges tool. Only the Place Corners tool works as expected. Regards, Metin
  8. Metin's 3D Coat explorations

    3D Coat sculpting experiments by Metin Seven.
  9. Some tools not corresponding to brush size

    Thanks, @Carlosan. Strangely, today everything works as expected again, without having changed anything. While yesterday even quitting and restarting 3D Coat didn't have an effect. Maybe strange things start occurring when Mac OS has been running all day without restarting, causing RAM fragmentation / input oddities / aberrant GPU behavior. But I'll keep your suggestion in mind in case the issue returns, thanks.
  10. Hi, I encountered some odd behaviour when using the Muscle, Snake and Spikes tools in voxel mode — they all show a much thinner result than the brush size. See the attached screenshots. I'm using the Constant Pressure stroke type, so it shouldn't be a Wacom pen pressure matter. I've also tried to increase the brush depth, to no result. The odd thing is that only the Toothpaste tool does correspond to the brush size, as you can see in the first screenshot. Did I perhaps activate some option? Because until this session the tools did correspond to the brush size. I'm using 3D Coat 4.8.03 for Mac OS. Thanks, Metin
  11. Single-click to add or subtract in Sphere tool

    Found it! It was caused by the Rotate Along Stroke option. I guess that somehow got activated while using the Sphere tool. ZBrush has a Reset Current Brush and Reset All Brushes option. That'd be great in 3D Coat as well, reverting all settings to the defaults.
  12. Single-click to add or subtract in Sphere tool

    Thanks, @Fluffy. I'll use the stamp mode for the time being, hoping that I can track down the cause of the Sphere tool's sudden behavior change. Interestingly, the Carve tool does work with a single click. I'll try to find out what the settings / options differences are between the Carve tool and the Sphere tool.
  13. Single-click to add or subtract in Sphere tool

    Thanks, @Carlosan, I already tried that. I usually use the Constant Pressure stroke, and previously it worked fine, requiring only a single click to add or subtract a sphere. But somehow that behavior seems to have changed permanently.
  14. Hi, The Sphere tool has become one of my favorite 3D Coat tools, but I've got a question: Until recently, I could simply click once on a surface to add or subtract one sphere from the surface, using the Sphere tool. But since a few sessions I need to start dragging first to add or subtract a sphere. I've tried switching off and on the Draw From First Point option and the Cubic Interpolation option, but to no effect. I also tried different stroke types, but it all doesn't work to get back the one-click result. Did I maybe (de)activate some mode or option that might have caused this behaviour of the Sphere tool? Thanks, Metin
  15. Best way to prepare voxel mesh for UV painting

    Hi @Carlosan and @Fluffy, I've tried it again today, and it worked (see my attached artistic masterpiece). Thanks a lot! I checked if there were multiple objects in the Paint Objects, and there was only one, but I guess the problem was that I had already painted on the model using vertex colors, before switching off Show Voxels In Paint Room. Have a nice evening, Metin