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  1. NODES: Replace 'Mapping' with 'XYZ Sliders'

    My image disappeared?! Here it is again.
  2. Comtesse de Liberec

    The eyes are the lamp of the soul.
  3. NODES: Replace 'Mapping' with 'XYZ Sliders'

    Iyad, You're a genius, very nice work! Instead of having one MAPPING Node which contains the Vector Slide commands ALL-IN-ONE, I'd prefer to have (3) texture VECTOR-SLIDER NODES, insomuch, what I'm after a proprietary NODE SLIDER for each of the following actions: DOLLY PAN ROTATE You designed & built FOUR separate proprietary VECTOR SLIDER nodes for the above functions? Something like this (See Attachment) Thank you - a miracle!
  4. NODES: Replace 'Mapping' with 'XYZ Sliders'

    Hi Haunted, Thanks for the tip! Actually, being behind the GREAT CHINESE FIREWALL makes it difficult to get onto Stack, or anywhere outside the Great Wall... however, after awhile I managed to get a post on the group you suggested, thanks again. Cheers, Ced
  5. NODES: Replace 'Mapping' with 'XYZ Sliders'

    I'm in Mainland China - the Firewall here blocks the Java so I can't log into Stack Exchange... to post - perhaps someone else could see if there's a possibility to locate a vector slider - or the code? ERROR MESSAGE Blender Stack Exchange requires external JavaScript from another domain, which is blocked or failed to load. http://www.outpostpm.org/scripts/index.html or here OSL Script node: Slider with value range between 0 and 1 (like Fac) https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/48821/osl-script-node-slider-with-value-range-between-0-and-1-like-fac are some hope for blender slider code...? PS I wrote 3dCoat - meant Blender! This may be the answer: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/40770/possible-to-control-a-driver-from-a-group-node-input-slider
  6. NODES: Replace 'Mapping' with 'XYZ Sliders'

    I'd like to get code similar to this to add a NODE VECTOR SLIDER to 3dCoat - any ideas? from Tkinter import * master = Tk() w = Scale(master, from_=0, to=100) w.pack() w = Scale(master, from_=0, to=200, orient=HORIZONTAL) w.pack() mainloop() To query the widget, call the get method: w = Scale(master, from_=0, to=100) w.pack() print w.get() The default resolution is 1, which causes the widget to round all values to the nearest integer value. You can use the resolution option to specify another resolution; use -1 to disable rounding. w = Scale(from_=0, to=100, resolution=0.1)
  7. Comtesse de Liberec

    Not at all - it has no 'eyes' therefore it has no 'look'. In other words, the eyes are the HEART OF THE SOUL - and it has none... it's PHYSICAL - or material - not 'living' - creatures without eyes are very like an 'amoeba' or a worm - higher forms of 'life' have well-developed EYES. A cat's eye is not as developed as a human eye etc., When you look at someone - you always look FIRST at the EYES. All the focus should be the eyes. Look at REMBRANDT, or RAFAEL or VERMEER paintings... or GOYA! Look at Goya's INK DRAWINGS...
  8. Comtesse de Liberec

    It's begging for EYES!!! Apart from that - it's terrific!
  9. NODES: Replace 'Mapping' with 'XYZ Sliders'

    I believe this is the code for writing a slider node for 3dCoat - Python? http://effbot.org/tkinterbook/scale.htm The Tkinter Scale Widget The Scale widget allows the user to select a numerical value by moving a “slider” knob along a scale. You can control the minimum and maximum values, as well as the resolution.
  10. NODES: Replace 'Mapping' with 'XYZ Sliders'

    WOW~! Gee! These ideas are GREAT... brilliant ideas! Thank you! I was just wondering how difficult it is to learn Python to write these... ha-ha! Here's my current configuration:
  11. Replacing the MAPPING node with several 'XYZ Vector Slider' nodes - would be helpful - give more finite control if it were possible to configure the maximum-minimum values with an IMPUT data-value at each end of the slider. See attachment: Replace XYZ
  12. See illustration: Problem is you turn off TOOL TIPS and the info on the Smart Material vanishes. Wish the highlight on the Selected Smart Material were 'blue' instead of white.
  13. Color Layer Maps with Transparent Areas

    Although there may be a rather convoluted work-around making an alpha layer from a diffuse map (in photoshop) to achieve transparent layers in 3dc, I was wondering if I missed something. In the SMART MATERIALS/TEXTURE EDITOR I'd like to load a COLOR MAP (here's the 64,000 dollar question) which has TRANSPARENT areas in it - through which ANOTHER LAYER below it, on a COLOR MAP, would appear on the object, in order to make it possible to STACK color texture maps and get something like this (see image): The black outline is the top layer, the red is the one below that, and the cerulean is the bottom layer. How could I stack those three layers in the Smart Materials Texture Editor in the COLOR MAP section of each layer?
  14. I'm new to 3dCoat and searching for the best way to do good, clean well-aligned UV Mapping so that the borders are synched-up perfectly (doing figures). The other posts are a year old, and most of the pages are NOT FOUND - I'm open to hearing suggestions and seeing links for the best clips on these subjects! Thank you -