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  1. Maya AppLink

    I did that but the Export presets at the bottom does not disappear, which is something maybe could make sense (just a suggestion) As it does not disappear i thought presets were still taken into consideration. However, with export constructor off the export process works as expected. As of now, outside of the AI shader preset, i do not see other problems, so i REALLY thank you for this Styler, and i'll be following the thread for the further evolution of this plugin as well as waiting for the ZBrush one for Mac. Thanks again for this plugin ! marco
  2. Maya AppLink

    the presets come on by default in the export window, how can i turn them off completely to have an export window as per video ?
  3. Maya AppLink

    Hi Styler, thanks for putting the time into this. So, after installing the new beta and following your tips (i'm also referring to the Vimeo workflow video that came with the applink) - export (per pixel painting) from Maya 2018 works fine, 3D Coat opens and import correctly - after painting i "open in original App" - The parameters i can choose are different than what i see on the Vimeo video, i have to put a path for the OBJ (i use the exchange folder) and i have to choose a PRESET (i tried different, and there's no "native" Maya one, only VRay or Mental Ray, ideally a Maya Arnold one would be great) - once done, Maya does not automatically recognize and asks for which channel to import, as you see in the video, but I click import and the geometry comes in. Unfortunately the geometry comes in with the normal map correctly applied BUT no color, no roughness etc Exporting then back for displacement for example works fine, but again re importing it misses some texture links. Maybe the presets are the problem?? Do you think it's possible to import with textures linked to an AIStandard material anytime soon ? Should Maya default project be pointing at the Exchange directory ? Thanks a lot Styler, i think you're getting closer and closer ! cheers marco marcoiozzi.com
  4. Maya AppLink

    I agree... solid Applinks allowing 3DCoat to talk to Maya and ZBrush would mean other great reasons to consider this freaking great piece of software !
  5. Maya AppLink

    that would be great thanks Styler, best marco
  6. Maya AppLink

    Hey man, i'm on Mac High Sierra and i'm using 3dCoat latest version i could find when i bought it, which is 4.804, hope this helps you to help me thanks marco
  7. Maya AppLink

    Hi @Styler, I have a quick question, regarding Maya export, i downloaded the latest (beta) app link for Maya, and i’m testing it with Maya 2018. The objects are sent to 3DCoat BUT once i have to re import them this happens: - from 3D coat, i see MAYA in file / export but it’s greyed out. I know it's a bug that says i do not own a commercial license (which is not the case) but anyhow it does not export to maya. - In maya, via the app link UI, the IMPORT button says : “no information for processing input” . I also tried to export “normally” inside the exchange directory, but nothing changes. NOW: i can still export and go to Maya with a "standard" export procedure and as i use Arnold unfortunately there’s no way to send textures and attach them to a AIStandard Material (would be a dream) so in any case i will have to re link manually, but this is such a great piece of software that a more direct communication between the softwares would be the ICING on an already AMAZING CAKE. I really hope i’m doing something wrong here and you can solve this, thanks Marco