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  1. This is not the same problem, so sorry for going off track, but even after all these years of using 3DC I am still confused as to why when I create and object with UV in an external program and import it using Surface Sculpting, the UV's do not show up. Workflow. Create object with UV in external program Open 3DC Import/Surface Sculpting No UV 's found
  2. Yes the problem for me is that if I try and merge them I get the dreaded.."Out Of Memory" warning and the program crashes. I wish there was a way in 3DC to select certain polygons that I could then move to stretch the part rather than splitting the part then moving the part and having to try and merge the volumes back together. .
  3. I need the two parts on a single layer/volume so that I can use the bridge tool to make the them one part again. ( Unless I am mistaken to use the Bridge tool the parts need to be on the same layer/volume)... . .
  4. OK figured out I do not need the "OBJECTIFY" part, splitting the model puts it in a new volume. Trouble is once I have transformed the part as far as I understand it to use the "BRIDGE" tool they need to be in the same volume, but when I do that using "MERGE SUB TREE (NO BOOLEANS)" I run out of memory. Any other way? .
  5. Whats the best workflow to separate an object move the parts and put back to one layer I want to split a model into two parts. Move one part then use the bridge tool to join them back up to a single model. Looking at the options available I would... Open the single Model up. Select the "SPLIT" tool to cut the part off I want to move. Select the "OBJECTIFY" tool to separate into layers Select the part/volume and move it. Select the "MERGE SUB TREE (NO BOOLEANS)" Once merged to single volume use the "BRIDGE" tool to join back the two parts. Is this the best way to do this? Advice appreciated. .
  6. Funny mine are set to -0.000000 Not sure what difference it makes on export as the size is still in metres in Modo? .
  7. Same as yours mm, so it should be the same in Modo, but it is not.
  8. Why are the measurements not consistent between 3DC and Modo. It seems to convert Millimetres to Metres. Attached is a approx 199mm SQ box created in 3DC. When I export the object to Modo it imports as a 199.0006m box Anyone else had this issue?
  9. Basic question... How can I re-align/centre the object/model to the default grid axes? Thanks.. .
  10. VRLM is a bit of a minefield . 3DC exports VRLM perfectly, however when I try and import back the file there is no colour data. This also applies to other software like Modo. However I know the VRML export is good, because if I open the exported file in Meshlab or 3DBuilder all the colour data is good. I would highly recommend downloading Meshlab to test your files. I tried to test your file but I got the "out of memory" too which is weird as it is only 4mb. There must be another issue with your file, (maybe send it to support) as all my VRML files which are much larger import perfectly, all be it without any colour data. 3DC also exports DAE which some printers except for colour printing...
  11. Thanks
  12. When you import an object for the first time you are given the option to keep the models Scale/Position on export. If you have chosen "Yes" is there a way to reset this later on export if you want to change the Scale/Position.? Thanks
  13. Thanks
  14. Work around found, but I need confirmation from anyone who has had this problem. To test.. Open default object in Sculpt Room ( any object) Switch to Paint Room Create new layer Select Fill Tool Select Tool Options-Select No Pattern Select Gradient Mode Select Layer (Apply) No Pattern does not work. (The model is pixelated) Now keep the "Fill Tool" selected and click on the model. The model should then recalculate and the gradient should now be displayed correctly. This only works with the "Fill Tool". If you change tools and click on the model there is no change. Anyone who has had this issue, please confirm so I can update this on Mantis.