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  1. VRLM is a bit of a minefield . 3DC exports VRLM perfectly, however when I try and import back the file there is no colour data. This also applies to other software like Modo. However I know the VRML export is good, because if I open the exported file in Meshlab or 3DBuilder all the colour data is good. I would highly recommend downloading Meshlab to test your files. I tried to test your file but I got the "out of memory" too which is weird as it is only 4mb. There must be another issue with your file, (maybe send it to support) as all my VRML files which are much larger import perfectly, all be it without any colour data. 3DC also exports DAE which some printers except for colour printing...
  2. Thanks
  3. When you import an object for the first time you are given the option to keep the models Scale/Position on export. If you have chosen "Yes" is there a way to reset this later on export if you want to change the Scale/Position.? Thanks
  4. Thanks
  5. Work around found, but I need confirmation from anyone who has had this problem. To test.. Open default object in Sculpt Room ( any object) Switch to Paint Room Create new layer Select Fill Tool Select Tool Options-Select No Pattern Select Gradient Mode Select Layer (Apply) No Pattern does not work. (The model is pixelated) Now keep the "Fill Tool" selected and click on the model. The model should then recalculate and the gradient should now be displayed correctly. This only works with the "Fill Tool". If you change tools and click on the model there is no change. Anyone who has had this issue, please confirm so I can update this on Mantis.
  6. Done.
  7. I am trying to use the "Fill Hole" tool. It is taking forever, Admittedly it is a large model (31 Million Polys), but when I check the Task Manager 3DC is only using a small percentage of the CPU/Memory allocation. Could anyone explain why this is so?
  8. I do not think Modo reads the VRML files from 3DC correctly, well that has been my experience. To check that your VRML file has exported correctly download or use Meshlab. If it opens correctly then you know it is Modo/3DMax issue.
  9. No Pattern means just that, a gradient with no pattern. It's a bug which i'm hoping/praying will be fixed soon.
  10. "No Pattern" feature. Just tested 4.7.10. Still no joy.,, .
  11. Thanks, but none of the other profiles are like like the spike profile, just less pointy. I tried making a profile (see image) which is exactly the shape I want, except of course it repeats itself which is not what I want...
  12. Yes I also like the spike/Snake tools, but is there a way to change the taper so that is less of a point at the end?
  13. Yes thanks, much better, but still not as smooth as when you can determine the start size and final inset size.
  14. I knew I had missed something!!! Changing the brush worked, though I have to say it is not a great way to reduce the scale as your image illustrates the results can be quite jerky as you lighten the pressure with the pen. A better way would be to have a setting in the Sphere tool options where you can set the start size and the end size which would results in smooth transitions. Maybe it is one for Mantis?
  15. Using the sphere tool. When I drag the size stays constant when using my Wacom matter how little/much pressure I add. Is the a bug or me not have the correct settings? Is there a way to set the inset parameters so it narrows as you drag out, apart from with the pen pressure?