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  1. Coat discarded all my settings

    My G.D. attachet to another folder.
  2. Coat discarded all my settings

    I'm really confused. None of those who help me study the program, there are no such tricks. In general, this was the second time. It seems that 3D Koat, when the computer's power is on or off, resets its settings by default. Please, here is the configuration of my computer: System: Win 10 Home Edition x64 (on SSD HyperX volume 265 gb) GPU: gtx 1080 ti CPU: Intel i7 6800k Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX [CMK16GX4M2A2133C13] 8x4 Gb Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-X99-UD4, LGA 2011-v3 Data store: WD Red WD20EFRX, 2Тб, HDD, SATA III, 3.5" And, I use Symbolic link becouse document folder of 3d coat very big, and i dont need it on SSD , so my Documet folder for 3d Coat at HDD. Please note: I see such problems only in the 3D Coat. Neither in Blender, nor in Krita, nor in Gimp, nor in the Word, Excel, I have never encountered such problems even if the power to the computer was lost when the programs were turned on.
  3. Grease Pencil

    With Grease Pencil in Blender i can create "2d" scetches in 3d viewport without using photoshop or other
  4. Coat discarded all my settings

    Just ... wt* is happened with programm? Or, it stops writing hot keys for functions, brushes, and so on, or it dumps everything at once, as if I had just installed the program without previous versions. This is a very annoying bug when it gets fixed? What does the program do to itself, with its own settings?
  5. Grease Pencil

    Is there anything in the program that looks like a Grease Pencil in a Blender?
  6. [Solved] Is it possible to draw =voxels= ?

    Is there anything in the program that looks like a Grease Pencil in a Blender?
  7. [Solved] Is it possible to draw =voxels= ?

    Sorry. I apologize for not providing the information correctly. I'm trying to draw something in the Paint room. And I do not need to convert voxels to surface. I need this for sketches directly on the mesh, without going into surface mode and back, only on voxels.
  8. [Solved] Is it possible to draw =voxels= ?

    Just Brush tool on voxel model.
  9. [Solved] Is it possible to draw =voxels= ?

    But mesh convert to surface, I do not need it
  10. Can I draw at voxel (without convert at surface)? As I know, in previose version it is possible..
  11. Cut create mesh insteat cutting mesh

    I guess this is somehow related to the size of the brush. At me any strange bug turns out when I try to cut something, at me the brush increases to huge sizes and all brakes. Moreover, reducing the brush with the PCM does not work. Then I move into the drawing room and back to the voxel room. This is something strange, but if you reduce the size of the brush (even when I have a selection of the cut out area of the curve) to too small, then creating a mesh instead of cutting out the mesh.
  12. The cut tool creates a mesh instead of deleting the selection, what Im doing wrong?
  13. How I set thickness in Split tool? Like Blender modifier "Solidify"? For example, divide the sphere into layers like a bulb.