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  1. Retopo symmetry bug?

    I had repeated mistakes at the Retopo work. I could now reproduce it. Please watch the video. 2018-04-21 04-15-23.mkv
  2. I love blender interface. It is extremely scalable and extremely sharp at any screen resolution. Unfortunately, the texts in 3D Coat are a little blurry with 4k. I tried different solutions and settings, it doesn't help. A problem that many programs have with 4k, also large Autodesk products. Software world is not quite ready for 4k.
  3. A big advantage is the pricing policy of 3D Coat. ZBrush with 800 dollars for hobby users very much and ZBrush Core ($150) is very limited. The amateur version of 3D Coat for 99 dollars is much better than ZBrush Core and the pro version is significantly cheaper. Unfortunately many people still use cracks for ZBrush and professional artists would buy ZBrush if it would cost even 2000 dollars.
  4. Blob tool bug or problem

    Here is a video demonstration. 2018-04-15 21-09-20.mp4
  5. Blob tool bug or problem

  6. Blob tool bug or problem

    See Images. Blob tool works fine with standard voxel resolution but with 2x or 4x resolution blob objects from a certain size cutted. Bug or bad settings by me?
  7. New Competitor - Volumetric Sculpting

    VR enabled ... Is there anyone who uses VR seriously other than in games?
  8. Not really. This is a repetitive feature for most people. Such works are better with Blender, Maya, 3ds Max or Cinema 4D. 3D Coat or ZBrush should primarily expand sculpting technologies. We do not need a jack of all trades device in one software.
  9. FreeCAD 0.17 is released

    Best (only?) free software 3D CAD solution. I use FreeCAD and Fusion 360 for 3D print.
  10. I'm new to 3D Coat and I have to say I'm pretty excited. But I'm also surprised the 3D Coat doesn't have the popularity it actually deserves. Marketing is also very important and I see some deficits. Why are there no more videos of 3D Coat on YouTube? Why are there no Twitch or YouTube streams from the developers? Books? Events? That's what people love. Activity in the social media. Then people will see what 3D Coat can do. But I can imagine that all this is also a time and money question. But maybe you could make a stream once a month to present and discuss features of 3D Coat. Sorry for my english.
  11. Coil whine with 3D Coat DX Version

    I enabled VSync in nvidia system control panel. Limited the framerate to 60 fps with 3DCoat GL fine, but not works with 3D Coat DX, still up to 600 fps. By the way, I noticed that without Vsync DX 600 fps on average and OpenGL 300 fps. I think it works better with DX. That's why the coil whine is probably louder on DX.
  12. Coil whine with 3D Coat DX Version

    I've found something interesting. When it's very quiet i can hear coil whine from my graphic card (MSI GeForce GTX 1070). With 3D Coat DirectX Version it is clearly audible. With OpenGL Version not or extremely quiet. Tested with the same voxel object in 3D Coat. What could be the reason?

    Thank you! I had the same problem.
  14. Fehlerhafte Voxel Farbe?

    Wenn ich einen anderen Shader wähle wird es richtig angezeigt. Aber nach jedem neuen Start des Programms oder wenn ich neu in den Voxel Modus gehe erscheint das Voxel Material immer in rot bzw. schwarz.