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  1. My Dicom -> 3b Converter is working so far. I now get segmented MRT-Scans into 3D-Coat. The plan is so create topology for different organs. How can i run autoretopology on a 3b voxel file ? Shouldnt it work ? Autoretopo creates a voxel object from a mesh and starts the retopo wizard. I would need to skip the first step and directly work on a voxel object from a 3b file ? Is there a way ? Do i miss something ?
  2. I have Ported your VoxelSDK to .net c# completely managed. I will post it here as soon as i get rid of some bugs. It seems like i am filling the cell matrix in a wrong order which results in the attached image slice of a ball. Does someone have a clue in which order the values are in the array ?? Here is a sample code in which i am putting one cell into the complete voxelPhantom .. but something seems to be mixed up .. ushort[, ,] voxelPhantom = new ushort[width * 9, height * 9, depth * 9]; foreach (VolumeCell cell in pos.Cells) { int xpos = (cell.Cx + xmin * -1) * 8; int ypos = (cell.Cy + ymin * -1) * 8; int zpos = (cell.Cz + zmin * -1) * 8; int counter = 0; for (int z = 0; z < 8; z++) { for (int y = 0; y < 8; y++) { for (int x = 0; x < 8; x++) { if (cell.Values.Count == 0) { voxelPhantom[xpos + x, ypos + y, zpos + z] = cell.SameValue; } else { voxelPhantom[xpos + x, ypos + y, zpos + z] = cell.Values[counter]; } } counter++; } counter += 9; } }
  3. Thanks a lot. Already looking into it !! thx dulo
  4. Just succeeded with first version of 3b to image slice converter. I attached the complete vs 2010 solution. This little program reads a 3b file and writes the volume information to c: in slices. Still have some problems with weird volume borders as you can see in on attached slice of a simple ball. I hope i soon get the information on how to write 3b files. see you soon dulo Endian.zip schicht109.zip
  5. Thanks a lot for your response. Yes i need to write 3b files too. I am writing an converter for Dicom files to 3b to create a surface for the dicom volumes with nice topology .. The reading of files was just a first test if i understand the file format well enough to write it later .. It would be really great if you could provide the information to write files too. thx dulo
  6. I read it as following: In the decompressed Matrix of WORDs ( 8x8x8 ) the values of the matrix are to be interpreted as 0 is empty cell, 65535 is a filled Cell in the Voxel matrix. But the rest i dont understand. First how can an integer have decimals ??? 32767.5 ?? If the value is just the length of a surface normal offset how is the direction of the offset defined ? I have no idea how to interpret the values from 1-65534 ...
  7. I have quite the same problem. I have attached the VS2010 Solution of my little 3b file reader. I find a lot of data Chunks in the file until i reach the voxel Chunk Found chunk RNDR with the length 8 Found chunk NSYZ with the length 0 Found chunk NBLN with the length 0 Found chunk MSSK with the length 20 Found chunk SYPL with the length 20 Found chunk SSPC with the length 0 Found chunk LR01 with the length 626 Found chunk MTLS with the length 55 Found chunk MTEX with the length 4 Found chunk OBJS with the length 57 Found chunk RNTS with the length 59 Found chunk UVST with the length 47 Found chunk SUBD with the length 0 Found chunk VMAP with the length 4 Found chunk VMTP with the length 49 Found chunk POS0 with the length 0 Found chunk UVS0 with the length 8 Found chunk SAR7 with the length 32 Found chunk with the length 0 Found chunk CMSC with the length 61 Found chunk RTP1 with the length 160699 Found chunk SYMM with the length 8 Found chunk UVM1 with the length 122 Volume found !!!! VolumeName: Ball1m.lwo Shadername: mcubes Number of VoxelCells: 3720 Processing Cell number : 0 xpos: 2 ypos: 0 zpos: -3 cellside: -4 bitmask: 247 dataflag: 255 But the code fails with the rle decompression of the first voxelcell. The cellside and the data flag do not look very reasonable. I try to convert 3dcoat volumes to image slices and imageslices to 3dcoat volumes. My little .net program is the first step to convert 3b files to imageslices. The goat is to edit MRT Scans with 3d Coat. Endian.zip
  8. Is it possible to share volumedata from an to 3d-coat / houdini ?? The real voxeldata from eg. an isosurface volume in houdini ? further sculpted in 3d-coat and brought back to houdini as a volume without any polygon converting !!!
  9. Is it possible to exchange the voxeldata from and to 3d-coat ?? I am thinking about an Houdini applink for volumedata ..