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  1. The google mirror looks like it has the correct size (562 MB)
  2. Ok the VoxTree panel width is cutting off the icon
  3. I think i found a bug. Sub / child volume's are missing there visibility icon Steps to reproduce: Open a new voxel sculpting object select the split tool and split the volume select the copy000 volume select the split tool and split the copy000 volume volume*_copy001 visibility icon is missing changing the parent of copy001 to the root of the VoxTree makes the icon visible This behavior can also be seen in the VoxTree after loading the Mannequin voxel sculpting preset
  4. Ok I figured it out I had to change the shader on all layers to default in 4.1.00 Something is up with PicMat_Skin2 shader as soon as I touch it 3DC 4.1.02 crashes
  5. Thank you Andrew for all your hard work I am currently having a problem with this build. 3D-Coat DX or GL instant crashes when trying to open sculptures saved recently but not from an earlier revision of the sculpture. It could be just me or older version of 3DC can open corrupted files. I haven't had the time to test older builds. If anybody can test there older files to see if they have a problem loading because i'm not sure if I should log this to mantis.
  6. anybody know if there is an upgrade page for win pro to win&linix pro
  7. I can edit my comment but I cannot edit the ticket. Maybe I am just missing where the edit options are placed .
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, but I can't find the confirm button to close. This could be caused by an account with reporter credentials. Ticket#:
  9. 3.5 what happened to 3.4, did I miss something?
  10. Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!
  11. Linux 256.25 BETA drivers are out -((Link))- With these drivers 3D-Coat feels sluggish but everything works Os -Fedora 12 64-bit
  12. I have sent the crash reports and thank you for your time Andrew
  13. Please excuse me but, I have searched the forms and no one with a Fermi based video card is able to run 3D-Coat and try to voxel sculpt with CUDA on.