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  1. So, which would be the "good" sites?
  2. Yay! More 3d-coat goodness soon
  3. I agree with Beatkitano. 3d-coat can get confusing at times unless you follow the development threads.
  4. Eek! You're missing an arm! I didn't know Brekel could do 3d models
  5. bobzilla, that is not a very positive comment, and I would counter-answer that to level the playing field, but I don't want to stoke the flames to an OS war. I DID read a developer post in a forum (don't remember which, though)is that Apple made it very easy for the users, and very difficult for the developers. I'm sure there is a good reason why the mac 64 bit version hasn't seen the light of day yet. To compare it to Blender in terms of development speed, and to quite some other number of apps is not very fair unless you compare it with one that has the same number of developers. That said, I use the 64-bit version of 3d-coat, so maybe if I was on a mac, I would have my panic-frustration moments too.
  6. I had no idea this was an issue, but it is good to know. Thank you for pointing this "newbie frustration" out.
  7. I think I know the reason: You only have 12mb!!!! just kidding, I'm sure you mean 12gb
  8. Well I did order the first day, maybe that is why my license has come through...
  9. I knew of the licensing problem after I got my email with the instructions... fortunately, I had no problems with the licensing! I must have been lucky.
  10. No shame. It is a beta, which is uploaded for testing, right? So haikalle tested it and found a problem. I find it wonderful. The pace of development in 3D-Coat is amazing, on one hand lots of users actively using and reporting on bugs, and on the other, Andrew fixing things really really fast. I just wish this was more common practice...
  11. So the USD$20 is highly recommended then? I'll probably dig into it later today then.
  12. I'm so used to rigging in Poser that lots of the videos I've seen on Messiah seem almost alien technology