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  1. So, which would be the "good" sites?
  2. Eek! You're missing an arm! I didn't know Brekel could do 3d models
  3. I had no idea this was an issue, but it is good to know. Thank you for pointing this "newbie frustration" out.
  4. I think I know the reason: You only have 12mb!!!! just kidding, I'm sure you mean 12gb
  5. Well I did order the first day, maybe that is why my license has come through...
  6. I knew of the licensing problem after I got my email with the instructions... fortunately, I had no problems with the licensing! I must have been lucky.
  7. So the USD$20 is highly recommended then? I'll probably dig into it later today then.
  8. I'm so used to rigging in Poser that lots of the videos I've seen on Messiah seem almost alien technology
  9. I can understand AbnRanger's enthusiastic (?) response. After reading threads (here and everywhere) where 3D-Coat is not taken seriously because it's not "hip" just because it's not developed by Autodesk or Pixologic (or Apple?). I actually believe this a good thing. But back on topic. I bought a license for a friend who was waiting for his paycheck to arrive to buy his license, just in case the goal is reached before his paycheck. And now I have to look for a nice, cheap, usb drive to use a a dongle, as the goal seems reachable pretty soon
  10. I'm tempted to buy an extra license for a friend who is waiting for his paycheck to participate in the sale (yes, times are THAT bad). I'm sure he would do the same for me.
  11. Yes it has moved a bit since I woke up.
  12. Yay, the progress bar grew a bit since last I checked it yesterday before going to sleep!
  13. That I know. I haven't been able to run that encoding app yet. Could be I'm in XP 64 bits, but still, it IS odd.