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  1. You hit it on the nose AnbRanger. I'm amazed how they found a way to ignore us, Core suckers.
  2. Yeah, facegen would be cool.
  3. Man, that is awesome.
  4. Wow, love this LJB. Really creative. The posture is wonderful. Hope you go all the way to texturing on this one.
  5. Looks great Jake_H. Your proportions on this character are amazing.
  6. That is sweet LJB.
  7. Cute character. She selling any GSC?
  8. Awesome work, michalis. You're captured a great mood in your lighting also.
  9. Oh yeah, sweet. I get it. Love the character by the way. Thanks, LJB. Talk to you soon.
  10. michalis, thank you. It feels good to have a few people stop by to be a mentor to me. Please stay around for my next try. Grazie
  11. Hi LJB. I'm a huge fan of your work. You really have the eye for everything that makes a great figure. Your example really, really helps. I never thought of creating this way. One question about you statement above, 'Dependant on the complexcity of the required result I often model hands onto base seperately and detail in 3d coat after for this reason.' Do you mean you make a simple base in another, polygon based app and then bring into 3d-coat for detal? This seems logical. I'm finding smaller things a little more difficult to do in 3d coat.
  12. Thanks for your feedback, jake_H. I'm gonna take a few days and look at some references as you suggest, before jumping back in. I got a little excited and heavy handed with my first model. Went straight for the details, you know. Mistake. I knew from the start something was not right with my approach. I've learned a few things even with this short experiment. 3d-Coat made it affordable to have a professional sculpting app, and I'm just so anxious to dive right in. I'll talk to you guys on Friday night. Thursday is date night with the wife. We're having our first child soon. 3-4 months in so far. I wanna make sure I make her feel loved as much as I love art right now. Cheers.
  13. Yeah, I agree, we have the advantage of curves being voxels. Sooo sweet.
  14. No, curves are wonderful. I'm gonna try making a new hand using the curves tool this time. Seems like fingers would be a breeze this way. I remember seeing zbrush videos with those zSphere things. It's like that and more.
  15. Of course it's ok to post here. I was hoping for some interaction with someone. I SEE what you mean by subtleties. I'm gonna try this before getting back to my original posts. I see you used the curves tool. Awesome work. Your strokes are natural. You use different primitives. Love it, Thanks, michalis. Keep going. I'm here.