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  1. Full steam ahead.
  2. I'm in for 4, Andrew. Thank you. I'm in for 4, Andrew. Thank you.
  3. 'Invert VoxLayer' nice new feature.
  4. I have to confess. I love the new 'Change UI look - Textual or Iconic' option.
  5. Same here. Lot's of graphics on the UI missing. Just like zebrap's screen grab.
  6. Working with the new interface is a pleasure. The brush performance is a lot better. Thanks for your continued dedication to making this application great, Andrew and team.
  7. Man, this is turning out to be a very sweet app. Great work Andrew.
  8. Been away for a while, working mostly in video, but it's good to see all the cool development going on. I hope you get back to 100% and your family stays healthy too, Andrew.
  9. I've been having to re-register 3d-coat lately. Wonder what that's about:<
  10. Mac build working without a hitch here.
  11. Mac build working without a hitch here.
  12. Painting on Voxel models, awesome update Andrew. Looking forward to the Mac build.
  13. Happy New Year, Farsthary, Andrew and everyone else.
  14. Oh hey, didn't know a 3.7.01b had been released. Got it now.
  15. Great Mac Build, so far.