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  1. I don't think so but that would be a cool feature. AFAIK 3DC has no animating except for the simple turn around in the render room.
  2. The current Win 64 version link is You can just paste that into your address bar and change the current number (35) to whatever you want. If you need other versions you can get them by right clicking the link on the first page of this thread, then Copy Link Location and do the same as I said above.
  3. I don't think it converts to Surface mode before exporting, considering that voxel mode was around long before Surface. Plus the exported models look different in both modes. I mean the mesh structure is different.
  4. I found a strange bug in 4.7.34. With the retopo Split Rings tool it very often makes two splits right next to each other. so close together that you almost can't see the row of polys between them. The only way I noticed is that some of the points get merged, creating a triangle so I saw them when I was trying to clean up triangles from my mesh. Video:"
  5. Yes I agree. Click the purple sphere at the top and it should turn off the depth if you don't want it. If you do want to try it try holding Ctrl while you paint and it will sink the stroke in instead of out.
  6. Pack of free hard surface brushes. It's a pretty big download but 2/3 of them can be deleted if you only use 3DC.
  7. I've found a bug with Smooth All in Surface mode. I turn off the option to keep sharp edges that were made by a boolean but it keeps them anyway
  8. Strange. I just double checked and it works fine for me. Are you sure you're pressing the right mouse button on your pen, not the middle mouse button?
  9. Very cool stuff, thanks for the update!
  10. As long as it works somehow. lol
  11. It looks like F is already "Pick rotation pivot". Maybe there's a problem with using it for both things. Normally the numbers on the Num pad change the view, so Front would be Num pad 2.
  12. Well after going out to LightWave and correcting the scale there. Then go of back and forth between the two it seems to be correct now. Maybe something weird happened. Still doesn't changes the units of measurement thing though. That's like that in every project.
  13. Have you tried different materials? I can't speak for maya but in 3DC everything has to be triangles so the model will be converted. Some materials will handle the smoothing better than others. Also increasing the poly count should help get rid of the artifacts.
  14. I think you forgot the screenshot
  15. That's exactly what I'm doing but being stuck for time there's only so much I can earn. I did one extra job that got me $500 but I had to spend a lot of that on a passport and the train pass ($250). Plus the videos I'm making are work, a lot of work, but that's during /after the trip. There are a lot of productions, in fact most productions, that get funding in order to do the project.