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  1. Strange. I just double checked and it works fine for me. Are you sure you're pressing the right mouse button on your pen, not the middle mouse button?
  2. Very cool stuff, thanks for the update!
  3. As long as it works somehow. lol
  4. It looks like F is already "Pick rotation pivot". Maybe there's a problem with using it for both things. Normally the numbers on the Num pad change the view, so Front would be Num pad 2.
  5. Well after going out to LightWave and correcting the scale there. Then go of back and forth between the two it seems to be correct now. Maybe something weird happened. Still doesn't changes the units of measurement thing though. That's like that in every project.
  6. Have you tried different materials? I can't speak for maya but in 3DC everything has to be triangles so the model will be converted. Some materials will handle the smoothing better than others. Also increasing the poly count should help get rid of the artifacts.
  7. I think you forgot the screenshot
  8. That's exactly what I'm doing but being stuck for time there's only so much I can earn. I did one extra job that got me $500 but I had to spend a lot of that on a passport and the train pass ($250). Plus the videos I'm making are work, a lot of work, but that's during /after the trip. There are a lot of productions, in fact most productions, that get funding in order to do the project.
  9. I tested it when it first came out, but it works with Layout and most of my work is in Modeler.
  10. Very nice work you have there. Honestly for eyes I have an eye model I made in another program (LightWave 3D) So when I'm sculpting I just make an empty socket for the eye and put the model I already have in it. The big trick with modeling an eye is to model the white part with the iris, then add a second layer for the cornea that is transparent, shiny, and reflective. The cornea should have a bulge at the front just like a real eye in order to make the specularity hit it correctly.
  11. I've added some rewards including 3D printed keychains I designed.
  12. Thanks a lot! If you follow my YouTube channel you'll get to see what is like all these years later!
  13. Hey guys, If you know me you know I'm a huge fan of Japanese language and Culture. I have been for like 23 years. So as a Christmas and birthday gift my group of friends are taking me to Japan on March 29th for 10 days and I'm going to be filming everything for my YouTube channel.The problem is, they're paying for my flight but that's it. I have to come up with the rest on my own and I don't make a lot from freelance work. While I can save up some the rest will be very hard. So I set up a GoFundMe campaign. If anyone can help I'd be very grateful. Thanks!
  14. So I have this model that I'm working on for a client that will be 3D printed. Unfortunately I can't show it due to NDA, but since it's for 3D printing I need to measure many parts of it to be sure they will print correctly. The problem is the measurements don't seem accurate. For example one area I measure is 0.12mm but if I export the model and bring it into LightWave that same spot is 117mm. Another weird thing is that if you change the units of measurement the number doesn't change. Like that 0.12mm spot. If I change the units to meters it changes to 0.12m Which makes no sense. This makes measuring for printing very difficult since I will have to export to LightWave every time I want to check something.
  15. Not really a proper review but I made a video on HitFilm 4 Express. If you looking for video editing and compositing for free please check it out!