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  1. That would be great, thanks.
  2. Thanks for sharing! Do you have the reference images?
  3. Hi Mike glad to hear you're enjoying the software. 3DC definitely works with models that were scanned, I do it all the time. However before you spend a ton of money on a scanner consider the free options available. I made a tutorial that might help.
  4. Hey Ian, that jet is pretty sweet!
  5. I might play with it. Don't really have extra time now.
  6. Gee thanks.
  7. That does look very handy for old buildings.
  8. That's pretty cool looking, thanks.
  9. The one built into LightWave.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure which artifacts you're referring to on the collarbone. I can definitely reduce the DOF. I'm not sure the octane forum will help much since I'm not using it but I'll take a look anyway.
  11. This is a character I did in 3DC and LightWave 2 years ago, but I put her in a new scene. I'd really like to get as photo real as possible.
  12. Yes, this has happened a lot to me. I sent in 3 crash reports I think. I also noticed the app and the crash reports have the wrong version number so I wrote in the correct one.
  13. Hmm. Perhaps be sure the texture image is in the same folder as the model. Hard to say.
  14. Please note I said "without voxelization"
  15. Looks great in the video.