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  1. Thanks a lot! If you follow my YouTube channel you'll get to see what is like all these years later!
  2. Hey guys, If you know me you know I'm a huge fan of Japanese language and Culture. I have been for like 23 years. So as a Christmas and birthday gift my group of friends are taking me to Japan on March 29th for 10 days and I'm going to be filming everything for my YouTube channel.The problem is, they're paying for my flight but that's it. I have to come up with the rest on my own and I don't make a lot from freelance work. While I can save up some the rest will be very hard. So I set up a GoFundMe campaign. If anyone can help I'd be very grateful. Thanks!
  3. So I have this model that I'm working on for a client that will be 3D printed. Unfortunately I can't show it due to NDA, but since it's for 3D printing I need to measure many parts of it to be sure they will print correctly. The problem is the measurements don't seem accurate. For example one area I measure is 0.12mm but if I export the model and bring it into LightWave that same spot is 117mm. Another weird thing is that if you change the units of measurement the number doesn't change. Like that 0.12mm spot. If I change the units to meters it changes to 0.12m Which makes no sense. This makes measuring for printing very difficult since I will have to export to LightWave every time I want to check something.
  4. Not really a proper review but I made a video on HitFilm 4 Express. If you looking for video editing and compositing for free please check it out!
  5. Andrew solved the problem. Apparently I accidentally increased the resolution while in proxy mode and that broke it. He changed it so you can't change the res while in Proxy mode now.
  6. Yes, that's a good idea.
  7. I'm working an an octopus sculpture and attached the tentacles curves to the body, then downgraded the mesh so I could smooth out the transition areas. When I tried to restore back to the original all of my changes were lost. Has anyone seen this or have a way to get back to high res with the changes? The Proxy Method is Decimate 8X. The version is 4.7.14 (Win64)
  8. That handles the entire curve profile. There was an option for the tips, whether it was flat or round or cone shaped. Edit: Forgive my stupidity. I think those used to be 2 separate menus, and now they've been combined.
  9. I'm sure I remembered that the Curves in 3DC had a control to change the tip, like hemisphere, cone, flat, etc. I don't see the option anymore. Has it just moved from the Options Panel or is it gone?
  10. Hey guys, Tufan first emailed me about this. It looks like he successfully filed) followed my tutorial for the scan but. Then this export from 3DC, getting a black texture. I think I saw something like this mentioned in here before so I thought he might get a better answer here. If anyone knows why it might export a black image please let us know.
  11. I can't say about that one but I have still the same really old Space Pilot and it still works just fine. I can even use the latest drivers from 3D Connexion.
  12. You can't log in on your phone? Either way yes, this should be corrected. I just had to log in myself just to look at this post.
  13. Oh I see, that makes more sense.
  14. The retopo tutorial doesn't show retopo tools?
  15. That would be great, thanks.