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  1. Gee thanks.
  2. That does look very handy for old buildings.
  3. That's pretty cool looking, thanks.
  4. The one built into LightWave.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure which artifacts you're referring to on the collarbone. I can definitely reduce the DOF. I'm not sure the octane forum will help much since I'm not using it but I'll take a look anyway.
  6. This is a character I did in 3DC and LightWave 2 years ago, but I put her in a new scene. I'd really like to get as photo real as possible.
  7. Yes, this has happened a lot to me. I sent in 3 crash reports I think. I also noticed the app and the crash reports have the wrong version number so I wrote in the correct one.
  8. Hmm. Perhaps be sure the texture image is in the same folder as the model. Hard to say.
  9. Please note I said "without voxelization"
  10. Looks great in the video.
  11. Hi Josep. I do a little photogrammetry too. You may have seen my tutorials on YouTube. I usually touch up the textures and model in 3DC so maybe I can help. Unfortunately for this 3DC uses vertex coloring so that means you have to have the vertex count very high in order to retain texture detail. To start I go into the Sculpt room and pick the Import tool from the left side. In the tool options I check the box for "import W/o Voxelization", otherwise you won't get the color. The pick Select mesh from that panel. and press the Enter key or Apply on that panel. If you switch to another tool you should see your model in full color. if you switch to the paint room you can fully paint on it with layers. To export you will want to Retopo it, mark seams for the UV map, then Unwrap. Finally from the Bake menu choose "Bake with Normal Map". You can now hide the original model and in the Paint room you'll see the low res one you made. To export you can go to File > Export Objects & Textures. As an alternate method you could choose to retopo / UV first, then bake and paint on the UV map instead of vertexes. I hope that was clear enough.
  12. I noticed something curious. With the regular Draw tool (Surface mode) the brush depth works with grey flush, black negative, white positive. With Live Clay Black is flush, grey is 50% positive, white is 100% positive. Shouldn't these both work the same way?
  13. FYI the current version, 4.7.09, still says 4.7.01 on the splash screen, title bar, and About page. I was trying to check if I updated or not but couldn't tell by looking at the numbers.
  14. I think the solution might be these buttons on the top of the screen in the paint room. Turning them on / off will toggle bump, spec, or color while you paint.
  15. Oh sorry, I misunderstood.