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  1. Normally it's every full version number. So if you have 4.x now 5 will be the next one. And it will be an upgrade price, not a full purchase.
  2. This is looking great, can't wait to try it!
  3. Did you click the X?
  4. I don't have it in front of me but I believe in the sculpt room you can choose Import, then in the options panel "Pick from retopo".
  5. Hi Smolli, welcome aboard. I've done a little arch-viz myself. LightWave is great for that.
  6. OK I'll do that.
  7. Ah thanks I missed that one. Unfortunately the video doesn't answer the question. It seems as if there's no point in having the units of measurement like mm, cm, etc.
  8. I still don't understand how this Measure tool works. I'm making a model for a job of a human mouth and esophagus. The guy told me that the esophagus is 5 inches long. So I measured that out and sculpted it. That's fine. Next he tells me the mouth should be 48mm wide. So I switch the Measure tool to millimeters and draw a line across the mouth and it says 2.6mm, which makes no sense. It seems like the in / mm / m / cm / whatever Is just displayed after a random number and it doesn't actually do any calculation. Is that correct?
  9. It was never an official feature. I don't think it's even been touched in almost 10 years. It probably doesn't exist anymore.
  10. Yeah I saw the tooltip after you mentioned it. Very interesting!
  11. It that's interesting, that must be something new.
  12. Hmm. Have you tried the different options in the View menu? Like Smooth Shade, Relief Only, Flat shade, etc. Maybe someone else here will have a solution for you.
  13. At the top of the viewport there are three buttons you can drag to adjust the lighting. Contrast, brightness, and direction. Maybe rotating the light will help.
  14. Oh sure, I just meant for now.
  15. Of course you can always adjust it manually. It would only take a few seconds to correct this.