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  1. Hmm. Perhaps be sure the texture image is in the same folder as the model. Hard to say.
  2. Please note I said "without voxelization"
  3. Looks great in the video.
  4. Hi Josep. I do a little photogrammetry too. You may have seen my tutorials on YouTube. I usually touch up the textures and model in 3DC so maybe I can help. Unfortunately for this 3DC uses vertex coloring so that means you have to have the vertex count very high in order to retain texture detail. To start I go into the Sculpt room and pick the Import tool from the left side. In the tool options I check the box for "import W/o Voxelization", otherwise you won't get the color. The pick Select mesh from that panel. and press the Enter key or Apply on that panel. If you switch to another tool you should see your model in full color. if you switch to the paint room you can fully paint on it with layers. To export you will want to Retopo it, mark seams for the UV map, then Unwrap. Finally from the Bake menu choose "Bake with Normal Map". You can now hide the original model and in the Paint room you'll see the low res one you made. To export you can go to File > Export Objects & Textures. As an alternate method you could choose to retopo / UV first, then bake and paint on the UV map instead of vertexes. I hope that was clear enough.
  5. Ah, my mistake. I didn't know about that rule.
  6. Hi Antti, welcome to the forum. I'm also a LightWave user. You shouldn't have any trouble replying in the rest of the forum.
  7. Honestly I'm still a little confused by the scale thing myself so I always bring my models into another program like LightWave to check the scale before 3D printing. As for other rooms you may find the Retopo room helpful, If I'm looking for really smooth clean lines sometimes I like to sculpt it roughly in the Sculptroom, then do a retopo, then bring the retopo mesh into the sculpt room and apply smoothing to it while importing.
  8. Normally it's every full version number. So if you have 4.x now 5 will be the next one. And it will be an upgrade price, not a full purchase.
  9. I don't have it in front of me but I believe in the sculpt room you can choose Import, then in the options panel "Pick from retopo".
  10. Hi Smolli, welcome aboard. I've done a little arch-viz myself. LightWave is great for that.
  11. Yeah I saw the tooltip after you mentioned it. Very interesting!
  12. It that's interesting, that must be something new.
  13. Hmm. Have you tried the different options in the View menu? Like Smooth Shade, Relief Only, Flat shade, etc. Maybe someone else here will have a solution for you.
  14. At the top of the viewport there are three buttons you can drag to adjust the lighting. Contrast, brightness, and direction. Maybe rotating the light will help.
  15. That's pretty cool, kind of reminds me of the "squiddies" in The Matrix.