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  1. Thanks for the nice comments and great advice. This is a very supportive forum. NIce to be involved with. Will get to work on something more detailed.
  2. Pretty simple but still learning which tool is best for which job. Lot of fun though Peter
  3. Thanks Much 1) That was exactly what I was after 2) Figured as much but was just hoping. Peter
  4. 1) After voxeling in different layers to make different parts of a cartoon character and assigning different shaders to each new layered part... I then AUTO with MV paint successfully the different layers one at a time. In PAINT it seems that they are now ALL one object to paint on. If when painting I go over an "eyeball" from one of the voxel layers... and hit some of the surrounding "face" layer it paints onto both surfaces. Is there anyway to keep the voxel layers in the paint interface so that I can turn them on and off and just paint on the things I want to sep? 2) When I merge one layer to another I lose the different shaders applied to each layer.... anyway to keep them assigned. Similar as to assigning different shaders to one polygon mesh and when you smooth that mesh the edge where the different shaded polygons meet is smoothed also. It almost looks antialiased. I know voxels are different but when you hold down the w key and see the wire frame I thought maybe shaders can be kept in that way. Maybe a wish feature : >) Thanks Peter
  5. Could not have come at a better time. Thanks Greg...wonderful Peter
  6. Wow... do I have a lot to learn... but I appreciate the forums tips and advice. The Venus came from one of the users here. Thanks. All other modeled in 3D-Coat. I'm getting holes in my polys after retopolgy... but I know its cause I'm rushing it. Anyway... onward and upward. Peter
  7. Thanks If they are the same... is there any advantage generally with GL over DX? Or vica vera? I realize this may be a question larger than the scope od 3D_Coat. Just wondering? Thanks Peter
  8. Hello, I have two tesla cards in a box with 24 gigs of ram. its primarily used for biovisualization. But I get to play on it and have placed 3-Coat on it... kinda ignorant of me ... but which version should I run for utilizing the cuda core optimization for voxels in 3D-Coat? thanks