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  1. Garagarape...first of all, overall I'm digging your dood here. He's got quite a bit of character and uniqueness about him. In terms of things that jump out at me, I've put a few notes on the attached image...which you can take or leave for however much they are worth to you. Nice stuff, Garagarape!
  2. Script, Just a quick test on my end with your .obj file...it definitely looks like an export issue from 3dsMax. Below is the dialog I get on trying to import into 3DC (notice, no multiple UV map names at bottom even though I've checked off 'tiles' box). Additionally, I quickly imported into Silo and can see you've got 3 separate meshes, but all of the UVs are stacked within the 0-1 UV space.
  3. thanks for sharing these, artman!
  4. Looking forward to that, thank you Styler!
  5. a fairly quick way to get some space back would be to use WinZip or WinRAR to compress and store all of your old (and probably unused) file versions once you've moved on to the next saved version. not ideal, but should give you back some immediate space...
  6. very kind of you, 3DArtist! These shaders look quite handy.
  7. little googling on Verold got this: The Toronto-based start-up provides powerful software that will drive the next generation of 3D content. Verold’s unique solution reduces the time needed to create ready-to-animate content for games, web content, AR/VR and films; its non-linear content production work-flow automates or partially automates many of the labour-intensive processes involved in producing 3D content. curious to see what's in store...
  8. thanks, nice share.
  9. yep...been kinda quiet around here. this new capability adds a whole new level of power...very welcome!
  10. live to ride, gammy!!! thanks a bunch fer sharing your doodles and doodle-flow, Bay...they've always got some good nuggets of technique in there and I'm glad you see fit to take the time to post them.
  11. not to be overly pedantic but (I will) I bought my license for '3d-brush' in Dec '07, and I was probably something like 3-4 months late to the party.....so, closer to 3.5 years in public development. And rather than get in a big debate over it, I'm pretty much in agreement with Gilded. Always happy to see more tools on the table.
  12. awesomesauce! congrats Hervé and I especially enjoyed the nice job by Calle and Olov as well!
  13. I find it kind of amusing that people who pay a small amount of money to license a software (or no money to download an opensource project) start to think they have a right to pontificate and advise on how a developer of said software should be running their business lives. Even funnier is that it's done in a topic that has nothing to do with business 'ethics'. And now I have become a contributing member of the humor! (sorry michalis!)
  14. that was my guess too...by noon on Monday I'd already taken the purchase leap (and got my email about noon yesterday)
  15. well worth it...over 1 Gig of explanatory videos 'free' once you've become a member. Plus you'll also get deep discounts on the additional videos in the intermediate and advanced areas. I've started my collection today, hoping to have the goal reached by this evening and my license(s) in my hot little hands...but it appears that it may go on over the weekend. I have a feeling that 'Wegg' will be a very happy guy once this promo is complete. (his previous 2 years work on videos and the SetupTab itself will now start to see more massive buy-in) all-good! I like to see and be a contributor to the *little guys* company successes---as long as the tools they produce help me get my work done better/faster! ahhh...symbiosis