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  1. They finally rewrote the way displacement is handled to support posing. Vector displacement support looks nice. I'm wondering if you can now grow mushrooms on a model in a single click
  2. i love tour first renrel. It looks ualmost real, with it's hand made imperfections.
  3. The model isn't perfectly smooth, but it's impressive !!!
  4. uniquement si tu utilises renderman pour ton rendu. Sinon... C'est Uvs à tous les étages.
  5. Disney's Ptex paint program seems to work in projection mode, and if i understand, without paint layers unlike in Ps, bodypaint or 3d coat. If ptex is added, i'm wondering if we'll be able to use 3dc paint layers, and ptex local resolution.
  6. The third one has a lot of... character.
  7. The edgeflow is messy around the chin imho
  8. I find a bug in 3.1.08 taht cause 3dc to crash when i unwrap a model. Andrew fixed it. You should wait the next update
  9. Coucou ici.
  10. Respect. I'd really like to see a exaustive step by step tut showhing the suilding process of at least 1 piece of the armor.
  11. That's exactly my thoughts. Actually, 3dc is great 'only' for building a shape in voxels, retopo, paint or detail a model in Pixel or micropolys. And that's already a LOT of things. Zbrush 3.5 will allow you to extract Displacement and color maps from HD geometry. HD geo is a smart way to create subdiv models up to 1 billions polys by caching on disk details stored in HD mode, and to display/sculpt in HD only the area you want do detail. (You can also render in Zb the entire HD model) On my previous Pc i bought in 2005 (Xp 32, 2 Gigs of ram) i sculpted and rendered in Zbrush a scene composed of 2 models : 1 of 20 Millions of polys, the other one of 40 Millions of polys. I was still able to edit, sculpt and pose a low rez version of each model.
  12. Thanks a lot for these videos. Can i download them, istead of streaming from youtube or vim?o ?
  13. WOW
  14. Hi Andrew. Sony Picture Imageworks released an open source voxel library It might be interesting, right ? http://opensource.imageworks.com/?p=field3d
  15. Funny. Next to the info, there's an ad for 3DC