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  1. I didn't know that. thanks tom
  2. In the paint room, when you use the tranform / copy tool, you can only move / rotate / scale the transformation. I'd like to have something similar to the photoshop wrap tool, too. Thanks.
  3. I'd like to have this too. Actuall, ZB is the only app able to recreate a subdiv cage.
  4. +10
  5. Here is my problem: I've got a non symetrical reference model I created a new topo on one side desactivated the auto snap (useful feature, thanks) mirrored my model now, i need to match the reference model as close as possible before snapping the mirrored topo and i need an improvement to the move tool : I'd like to be able to move topo along normals. Thanks
  6. They finally rewrote the way displacement is handled to support posing. Vector displacement support looks nice. I'm wondering if you can now grow mushrooms on a model in a single click
  7. i love tour first renrel. It looks ualmost real, with it's hand made imperfections.
  8. I would like to request the same thing.
  9. I'd really like to have some feedback about 3dc's Ptex support form a guy who used this mapping technique at Disney
  10. The model isn't perfectly smooth, but it's impressive !!!
  11. Multi res and surface tools improvement. auto remeshing improvement.
  12. uniquement si tu utilises renderman pour ton rendu. Sinon... C'est Uvs à tous les étages.
  13. Disney's Ptex paint program seems to work in projection mode, and if i understand, without paint layers unlike in Ps, bodypaint or 3d coat. If ptex is added, i'm wondering if we'll be able to use 3dc paint layers, and ptex local resolution.
  14. The other advantage of using Ptex, is that you can increase Locally (per face) the texture resolution.