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  1. I wasn't happy with the overall color and saturation so here is an update.
  2. Thanks guys it was a fun project
  3. Have not posed in a while. Thought I would share. This is a Daz Genesis figure morphed in 3d-coat. Clothing, War Hammer and background also created in 3d-coat voxels. Posed and rendered in Carrara 8.5 beta. Enjoy, comments welcome.
  4. Is the ATI Radeon HD 6750M supported in the new release of 3d Coat? I have recently moved to a 27 inch iMac with a 1G ATI Radeon HD 6750M card. 3d Coat works fine and fast but I am unable to use the render room. Rendering voxels or anything results in a completely white model. I have no problem rendering with my mack book pro with the nvida cards.
  5. And the final image (I Think). Rendered in Carrara 7 Pro
  6. Wow I have been away for a while Here is the progress of the cartoon boy.
  7. Thanks. Everything was modeled here in 3d-coat. There was no base mesh. I used the primitives for the basic shape. If we could extrude the primitives I dont think I would need to polygon model again Beginning to retopo now.
  8. I thought I would try something outside of my comfort zone (Monsters) LOL. This is my first attempt at a cartoon/stylized figure. I hope to rig and animate him in Carrara.
  9. The Drider is 37000 polygons. Not super low but defiantly not hi. Im using normal maps for all the details. The body is made up of 2 texture maps. The upper body and Lower body of the spider. The upper is 2098 x 2098 and the lower is 4096 x 4096. I used microvertex for the painting mode.
  10. I have been working on this off and on for quite some time. I decided to rework my Loth model that I did in 3d-coat 2.0 with the 3.0 voxels. I think the results are much better. I will post some voxel views soon.
  11. very nice love the claws
  12. Looks great love it Any plans to texture it
  13. Is this the first time you have installed 3d=coat on this machine? What version are you installing? Edit: I see its version 3.2.01 I would try 3.2.02. Also I might try completely uninstalling 3d-coat including any preference files in your library.
  14. I have a Mac Pro with snow leopard and have never had any installation problems. Could you post the english translation of the error message. Also you could also try the normal mac trouble shooting methods and repair your disk permissions before trying again.
  15. Same also 32bit non cuda