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  1. Congrats for the release. Comparing V4.1 and V4.5, it appears 4.5 brush response is about 3-4 times slower, very shoppy with large textures (4k). This seems to be dependent on underneath topology (working on a low poly model), ie: the brush is shoppy over one triangle and smoother on the next one, while being slower overall. Makes it impossible to paint at 4k for me. The same model with the same 4k texture size in V4.1 works fine, so back to 4.1 for now. Hope you can improve this as the new features are awesome. Cheers, Franck. My config: dual Xeon quad cores, 32 GB ram, GTX 770 4GB.
  2. Ok, got it, my scene has 3 UV tiles and 3d coat thinks it's in pTex mode... Any idea how to bring back the change resolution menu, or to make the app understant this is UV painting and no pTex? I need to up-res my textures and don't want to export the whole lot to an external app just to do that. After all, resampling a texture is the least we can ask from a painting app isn't it.
  3. Can anyone tell me how to change the texture resolution in per pixel painting room? It used to be under the 'Edit->Mesh and Texture resolution' menu, but now it's gone I only have options related to mesh and pTex Beta 10 OpenGL
  4. Voxel Fill tool is broken (doesn't uptade the voxel cells until another tool is used)
  5. Thanks Martin, that worked for me as well. Cheers, Franck.
  6. V3.5.19A CUDA DX64 & GL64 Win7 x64 Pen pressure not working at all. Works fine in photoshop. Intuos tablet. Latest drivers. Strange thing is I reverted back to an older version of 3dcoat to try and the pressure was no longer working either. Again, no problem in photoshop, so could it be that 3dcoat doesn't recognise the newer drivers? Or some preferences issues. It's been a couple month since I used 3dcoat so I'm not sure if things changed on either sides but I did not change anything on my part. Any help welcome.
  7. Just had a crash in version 3.5.14C CUDA GL64 (not latest drivers) win 7 x64 Crashed while merging a layer (multiply) onto another one in ppp. 1k map. The thing is, the new bug report window didn't pop up, only Windows standard message to close the application. Franck. EDIT: ok the merge layer definitely crashes systematically on this version. Same with DX version. Still no bug report window. EDIT2: rolled back to 3.5.13A and no crash here. So there's definitely a problem with the latest version.
  8. Andrew, I think you should seriously look up to find the reasons of the brush lag at the end of a stroke, here in ppp mode with large textures. (You've made some serious progresses in voxel sculpting brush speed and lag but eventually it always comes back in heavy scenes.) Back to the ppp room, here I have an 8k x 8k texture and 8 layers. All of the layers are pretty much full of content. Meaning a lot of mem is used (about 10GB). The mesh is about 220k tri, and the overall update is a solid 60 fps, so no problem there. The brush lag (end of stroke) is really annoying, starting at 1/2 second when starting the application and going up to 1 second after some time. I really think it is related to the amount of stuff in memory as when working with smaler textures and less/empty layers the lag is non existant. Sorry to insist on the matter, but this is a sculpting/painting app after all and a lag-free brush is of the utmost importance if you want to grab some serious pro market. Cheers, Franck. 3dcoat 3.5.13A CUDA GL64 2x Xeon 5450 32GB RAM GTX285 2GB VRAM
  9. Great release, lots of little improvements that are not even in the list, like piece highlight on pickmat shaders, MSAA now working in voxels, selection now possible on hidden objects... Very nice. Keep up the very good work. Franck.
  10. Just tried and indeed, switching the piece to disk cache and back does remove the lag, thanks for the tip. Maybe this could be an indication for andrew as to where to search for this problem. Franck. PS: just read the post above. For me going to disk cache had the same effect, good to know this works for you as well rendermon
  11. Same problem here man. Had it for months. I thought for a while it had disapeared with the latest version that implements a faster brush, but that was just because I had to close 3dcoat several times for other reasons, when working with it for a while, the lag at the end of the stroke comes back again. It seems to be coming quicker when working on large objects though. Just like you, I restart when it happens. Frustrating but at least there's this rather 'slow' workaround. My guts feeling is it is related to the undo queue indeed. Sorry Andrew, I thought this bug was behind us, but it is not apparently. No lag at all when starting a new session, but then it comes again after working for a while. Franck.
  12. 3.5.02 Working fine for me now, I can reload my old file without any problem. Export depth with clamping is working fine too, thanks for this upgrade Andrew. Franck.
  13. We need the ability to compute AO in the per-pixel room while taking the painted depth per texel into account (local occlusion). Right now the AO only takes the geometry into account (only captures low frequencies) and it requires to export the mesh+depth map to external programs if we want to capture local occlusion (hi-frequencies) which breaks the worflow. Also the current AO implementation uses a light array which is not precise enough and leaves ugly shadows. It should use ray casting with parameters to set number of rays and max ray distance. There has been some requests about this in the past so I'm pretty confident I'm not the only one needing this. Franck.
  14. I tried again 3.5.01 while deleting the Options.xml file as you proposed, but the file won't load. Anyway how could it be corrupted if it does load well in 3.5 when I roll back to that version. I'd rather think memory management has changed in version 3.5.01 and has not been tested with large files yet. Back on 3.5.00 again until this gets fixed.
  15. Just reinstalling 3.5.00 and I was able to reload the project without any problem. So it is really related to this new version.