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  1. This looks more like metaballs to me (implicit surfaces). They used to be popular in the mid 90's. Although the mid image shows some aliasing artifacts that could be from volume sampling. Maybe they used an hybrid method. One problem with the metaball was it required to tell wich primitive would blend/not blend with another. I can see the problem arrising between the legs. You did a nice job with the modeling. Metaball was known to be pretty hard to work with.
  2. Andrew, here's an article you might like to check with some Carmack comments about the future of rendering, and some thoughts about voxel representation and access through ray casting. You might not agree with him on everything but he's certainly a mover in the gaming space and always interesting to listen to. There's also this nice approach to on-the-fly volumetric to surfacic conversion using a GS (geometry shader) implementation of the marching cube in the gpu gem 3. Although this particular example uses a 3d volumetric function as the initial data source for surfacing, this could easily be using voxel as the initial volumetric database. Since G80 class gpu can now write into 3d textures, 3d hardware textures could be used as a voxel cache for local tools modification and rendering while storing the main database in main memory. This approach is nice as it suits current rendering hardware, including PS3 which can generate surface geomtry on the fly from a voxel representation. At least for opaque surfaces. Can't wait to see your first work on version 3.0 Cheers, Franck.
  3. Thanks for your coments guys. Yes Andrew, Claytools is a volumetric sculpting application. Unfortunately it requires a special device to sculpt that makes it a bit expensive for individuals. I wrote an article about it some times ago:
  4. Hi guys, The other day we setup a small sculpting/painting challenge during the open day at the university college I'm teaching in. I had a small day (about 6-7 hours) to create a small island with a tree that was intended to be exported and rendered in realtime on a ps3. Unfortunately given the pressure of visitors constantly asking questions, it was hardly enough time to sculpt and roughly paint the thing (not even the specular), so I didn't go as far as exporting the thing. Anyway here's the wip, and hopefully I'll finish it during my spare time and show you the end result someday. I used Claytools to sculpt the rough shape, then I moved to 3dCoat to finish it up. I used automatic UVs generation as it was intended to be baked onto a low poly version with proper UVs later on, something I have yet to do. I have to say 3dCoat is a joy to use for this kind of organic stuff. Cheers, Franck. First Claytools sculpt: Then detailing and painting in 3dCoat: