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  1. NICE!!
  2. Hei, Andrew -- YES and YES: You can put it in the gallery and 3DBrush was used only for the normal map (skin pores, wrinkles...take a look at the images to see the original head). I have just tested the software for specularity and I'm REALLY satisfied with the results, the visual feedback is very nice (environment map)-- definitively I'll use it for the Specular map. As far as for color texturing, I will give it a try (but I tell you from start -- I'm really addicted to BodyPaint); 3DBrush does not have a render capability... Its hard to understand whats really happening with the colors unless you render it! (this may be a REQUEST ; or have a "render external" option just like silo -- see image-- I haven't used it but it could solve the problem, there are some free renderers out there now, Gelato,Kerkythea, 3DLight...you could study the situation!) Thanks Mike -- as I said, I was juts playing around with the software. I chopped off a pice of the face and threw it in 3DB. Im going to redo it with the original UV's (see image), render with SSS...
  3. I'm IMPRESSED!!! I was just testing the software -- but with this copy/paste, clone, magnify/reduce arsenal... I ended up with a hole normal texture in about an hour. The head was rendered with just a blinn material and a normal map (no color, specl...) and some bad lighting. But you can see that the normal map made a huge difference... (modeling Silo/Mudbox, setup Maya) Thanks Andrew for addressing my request!! -- about having a bum/spec layer as an alpha for painting... -- YOU ARE FAST!! Now, ONE MORE IMPOARTANT REQUEST: PINCH!! Thats really indispensable. I use it a lot in ZBrush/Mudbox. I know its going to be difficult since your software has an image based approach, but even a tool such as the Photoshop's liquify would be nice for the wrinkles... One more thing -- MAN, THE NEW LOGO LOOKS A LOT BETTER!!! (the rainbow in the first logo...what was that? :lol: HA HA HA HA...)