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  1. Question... When is the download of the beta available. The link provided in the e-mail it just downloaded two text files. Is it going to be able to download in the next 24 hours as that seem to be what is implied in the e-mail I received. Also I have no receipt from GumRoad except to say I pre-Ordered... Is that the receipt you are talking about. I noticed at the Instant Light site it saids the beta will be released on December 25. Is that a typo error as at one time the official released was scheduled for Decemeber 25. Please clarity this statement from the e-mail... Charged usually means in the USA that the funds have been withdrawn. This was not the the agreement as it was stated I would not be charged till December 25th. I have not checked. I do believe this is just a wording statement and in fact nothing has been charged. I will check to be sure. Only bringing this to your attention as you might get others commenting on this statement. Your account has been charged with the current amount (with discount or not) when you made your purchase on Gumroad."
  2. Pre-Ordered Instant Light Pro today... The renderer is looking very good. Looking forward to the released beta and later a live connection with 3DC when your development schedule lets up. I know you are aiming for the first release of the beta and final release in December.
  3. Tip - Alternative workflow -2 (Instant Meshes - 3D Coat). Work on Instant Meshes , bring it in , auto relax and then manual relax / brush it up . Already doing that Michaelgdrs... smile Bring into ZbrushCore. Dynamesh the model to a lower polygon count You can also resample the model down in voxel mode and then export dense quads. Bring into Instant Meshes to lower the polygon count for the retopo mesh. I think it is easier for Instant meshes to create a lower polygon count with less errors if it follows a quad curvature. My opinion of course. Use the instant meshes for the retopo. fix errors, bake.
  4. Correct, in all situations is a little too much to ask but improvement can be done... Some frustration talking there, We all experience that at one time or the other with 3DC. Correct, on autopo working with simpler less complex models. Not skimping on polygon count.. These are not to be low polygon game models. Autopo is not an end all, a choice depending upon the model. Sometimes all autopo, sometimes a combo of both and others just need manual retopoing I understand that Andrew can not stopped development on other areas to just work on Autopo because of my reporting. He has a development schedule and time constraints. Zbrush purchase is something I wanted to do for a while and it is not to supplant 3DC or just to have Zremesher but to have more 3D tools at my disposal. If Zremesher gets the job done for these "type of models" then all is good. Port the 3DC model off to Zbrush for the autopo and then back to the retopo room for the retopo mesh. Uv and bake then off to the next project...
  5. You are both correct in your statements but autopo fails also which is a correct statement on my part. I can not show the model but you can see a little of the autopo mesh in question. You will see a few errors at the top of the retopo mesh because these areas are thin. I would clean this up by manual fixing but I am just showing for density atm. Now the reason I want denser polygons at the top of the tooth is so I can capture this area better. There is enough polygons for the autopo to create denser areas. There are some larger flat areas on the model that do not need as many polygons as the autopo is putting there. I ran one autopo with no density and the other with a painted density setting all the way up to 5. There no difference. Now on some models painting density will work at times but others nope... Sometimes a scanned model will come out looking fine say a animal skull and other times, well has shown in the picture of autopo of a animal skull. No voids on both though the second skull is more complicated than the other. 30,000 polygons for the skull was my polygon target amount. I am addressing this in hopes that Andrew will revisit the autopo. At one time he said he had a better way, hopefully one lest prone to errors. In the work I am doing, I can not hope that the autopo will work, it "needs" to work. You guys know me well enough that I will only report when I really think there is a problem.
  6. This above series by a 3DC user is good for beginners. The below will help you navigate 3DC's official Youtube Channel.
  7. Thanks Andrew for all the updates to the betas. 3DC keeps progressing and I will always continue to use it. I will again address the autopo issue. I am still experiencing poor results with autopo. A animal simple tooth. All voids fill etc etc. Painting Density has no effect whatsoever. The polygons are not denser where I paint the areas to have more polygons. Autopo will add a lot of polygons on flat areas and not any denser polygons where I paint density. Since the work I am doing is for production work, I as other artist need autopo to work as intended and as stated. I am now having to consider buying Zbrush which is 795 dollars just to get Zmesher which also draws me away for using 3DC. I have been a user of 3DC since late 2007, right at 9 years now. These models I am working on are scans so they are more complicated in nature but as address many times, 3DC autopo fails on producing good results on even lest complicated Models. I am not saying that Zmesher has no problems but 3DC autopo has lots more problems at the moment. When in your busy schedule please take a deep look at autopo, you are a brilliant programmer and I know that you can work wonders...
  8. Use the fill tool and in the dialog box choose "Surface Material". Select the one you desire to fill. Do not use fill "Layer" There is no need to lock and unlock or hide suface materials or layers unless you desire so. l created as you were doing a separate layer for each surface material. Used the fill tool and selected the correct "Surface Material" that corresponded with my layer name which is the same as the surface material name. I do this to keep things logical. I had no problems in filling correctly the smart materials. Of course you might have resize the smart material to fit the scale of your model. I am pretty much telling you what Carlosan said but though you might have misunderstood his answer. I also saved the 3DC file and reopened it with no problems. I checked your texel density of the uv set and it appears that the uv-islands are all the same texel density. I used the complex checker in the uv room to check. hard to see on the small pieces but it appears they are the same. If this is your intended desire then you are ok . The smart material will be applied to the same scale to each uv island.
  9. Alright! a fun night and well deserved too...
  10. "What have i done? Create a voxel sphere, switch to paint room, apply PBR in an extra layer." The problem lies in not fully understanding how 3DC works. I am an old guy too 63 years old but have been doing 3D for a while now. You are polypainting (no uv set) and the quality of your paint details is depended upon the amount of vertices you have in the surface mode model. When painting a voxel model it is automatically switched to surface mode or in other words polygons and you are no longer in voxel mode. Also there is no depth applied in polypainting only color. In order to have depth for your smart materials you need a retopo mesh plus a uv set for the model and then bake the model to the paint room. If detailed color is all you desire and no depth (no baking) increase the amount of polygons / vertices in your sphere before working in the paint room. Navigating 3DC's Youtube Channel to find the videos that will help you. This series by a User of 3DC is a good one for first time users of 3DC. Watch the entire series at Youtube. 23 videos in total.
  11. Yes the double question needs to be resolved... I think it was mean't to be there if you forgot to apply the uv set in the Retopo room. A possible problem you are having with the normal maps is that you have rotated the islands or flipped them. You can not do this as it affects the vectors of the normal map. Use "PackUV2" as it only scales and arranges the uv islands, no rotation or flipping is preformed. The above might or might not resolve your problem as I did not have a complete workflow given in your post.
  12. This is a must but still Autopo has lots of problems that need resolving which have been addressed in detail a number of times. I love 3DC so do not take my words on this as being negative. This is such an important feature that it needs to work flawlessly with all types of models.
  13. I have address problems with Autopo many, many times, In fact again in the last several weeks in this thread. Unless Andrew goes back and does a deep code work on Autopo it remains a tool you can not depend upon... I have pretty much given up on using it except for really simple objects and again I do know how to get a clean model for Autopo...
  14. Your having a Baby, Michaelgdrs... a Instant Light rendering baby... excitement and tireness so hand in hand here...
  15. Like Ajz3d said, in your target renderer it should not be a problem.