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  1. 3DC version 4.7.24 This post is concerning Zone of Control Spheres problems again. I spoke of the problem several months ago. Please fix soon as this feature is very important to work correctly and atm is a workflow killer. The ability to save your Zone of Control Spheres with the file or a separate saving function. Ability to create create zones of control not just globally also per uv set. Fix this bug: When you have several ZOC spheres placed and press "OK", then reopen the dialog box again and press cancel all your ZOC's are removed. Another post by a user concerning the problem with the ZOC spheres.
  2. I address this issue in the Beta forum sometime ago... Also if you press cancel in the dialog box and you have placed a number of Zone of Control Spheres that are all removed. EDIT: I posted a link to this post in the Beta thread.
  3. You starting remind me of Andrew in the early stages of 3DC development, On fire and moving at light speed... Now if I could split me into several version of myself, Learning photoscan more, how to create a good landscape in Unreal 4, World engine a little, and throw in Instant Light in the mix and brain is stretching out big time, LOL but hey it is a good thing, keeps my 64 year brain well oiled...
  4. Latest Photoscan and 3DC work...
  5. I forgot to mention this as well, Take real clay, plaster etc and create a real world sculpture. Then photogrammetry the sculpture. I plan on doing that too. Ah, thought of another use. Create by hand a landscape. You get to play in the sand and mud again like a kid creating your landscape. Photogrammetry the landscape. Use 3DC to create a height map for it to import into Unreal 4 for your landscape. Another test... Exterior small bank by the bay close to where I live... Photos taken were de-lighted using Lightroom and then reprojected in Photoscan onto the low polygon mesh. Retopo mesh 512 quads polys. Baked for nomal map. Not really a game ready model but this is the process to get there... A good friend and I are going to make an Unreal 4 level just for fun... Rendered in 3DC.
  6. The animal is a Warthog. Yes, models are placed on a turntable. The thin cracks are in the model. They would be more pronounced in the Warthog model but I ran the photoscan settings on medium quality and not high. The texture really brings them out. I also used the Warthog de-lighted albedo texture as a imported displacement map in PPP mode which is converted to normal map information. This helps too on bringing small details out. You can fine tune the amount of depth for the normal map upon import or adjusting the depth opacity in the layer. Your love for Modelling really shows up in all your work... My take on hand done modelling, I still love it. I like expanding my knowledge of 3D and photogrammetry has many uses. The Unreal 4 Kite demo landscape had lots of photogrammetry objects. I also like it for study. How does a real world object look in 3D using the model as a study guide for hand modeling and texture creation, like having a reference picture but in 3D. So in other words it is all art just as real world sculpture and photography though different share as a means of expression through the artist eyes... These test I do not consider art as there is no emotional content with them or composition.
  7. A few more test using photogrammetry and 3DC. No normal map this time but straight to the paintroom. Rendered in 3DC.
  8. Just cool, nice...
  9. First... Thanks for the updated tutorials... Couple of questions. I noticed there is no separate roughness channel. I see metallic and a smoothness slider. 1. I do not see a separate roughness channel like the metallic channel for importing a roughness map. Example of use would be like for plastic objects, wood. etc. 2. Does the metallic map with the smoothness (roughness in the Alpha channel) in the map itself override the smoothness slider. I might just be missing the roughness channel as I really just started to test the software. EDIt: I think I might answer my own question number 1 but question 2 is still vaild. The renderer is like Unity 5 putting the Smoothness (roughness) in the Alpha channel of the metallic map whereas Unreal 4 uses separate channels for Metallic and Roughness. Plastics, wood etc would be handled in the metallic map. Metal in the map would be none and only smoothness (roughness used) Note: I added Alpha channel to my question two Excuse the questions, I know I am late to the party...
  10. Learning Photoscan for photogrammetry which I got a few days ago... I purchased a Sony A6000 \ 24 mega pixels for better photography and to use with Photoscan. Shot in Raw format, then converted to uncompressed Tiff for use in Photoscan... 68 meg per image... To increase the quality of the model will setup a light studio in my garage. Better even lighting you can reduce the small bumps you get with poor lighting The textures in the case make up for a ok scan. Workflow was: Shot 26 images. Just learning so I did not shoot the top or bottom. Use 3DC to close the holes. Abode camera raw to convert the raw images to Tiff. Photoscan to create the model and textures. 3DCoat for clean up. Mudbox for the auto-retopo. appox 8000 polys. 3DC to create the UV set and export. Photoscan to reproject the textures to the low-polygon model with new uv set. 3DC to bake the normal map Imported the texture map created by Photoscan into the paint room. Rendered in the Render room Done...
  11. FYI. A few years ago, the community ask Andrew if he could make it possible for us to create our own brush presets that work the way we would like them too. There is a large number of parameters that can be adjusted and saved as preset. This is one of the strengths and powerful features of 3DC. Artman created a large Preset surface brush selection which is now included in the program and can be loaded anytime. I use parts of it and have created my own presets plus created presets for Voxel mode as well. Enjoy and hope your deeper learning of 3DC goes well...
  12. Great work as always... The girl in your 3D combo 2D work appears to right handed as the sword is in her right hand and the arm is forward. Put your self in the girl's pose and you will feel unstable. Her right foot needs to be more forward. Also you might look at her stance, she appears to be charging forward though her sword is more or less in a defensive position.
  13. Can you install the newest beta over the old or does it require a new install. Also once the official release is out, the same question...
  14. Sounds great. I was involved in a big move so have not touch Instant Light except the first day I got it... Once rested up after the holidays, I will take a deeper tour...
  15. Question... When is the download of the beta available. The link provided in the e-mail it just downloaded two text files. Is it going to be able to download in the next 24 hours as that seem to be what is implied in the e-mail I received. Also I have no receipt from GumRoad except to say I pre-Ordered... Is that the receipt you are talking about. I noticed at the Instant Light site it saids the beta will be released on December 25. Is that a typo error as at one time the official released was scheduled for Decemeber 25. Please clarity this statement from the e-mail... Charged usually means in the USA that the funds have been withdrawn. This was not the the agreement as it was stated I would not be charged till December 25th. I have not checked. I do believe this is just a wording statement and in fact nothing has been charged. I will check to be sure. Only bringing this to your attention as you might get others commenting on this statement. Your account has been charged with the current amount (with discount or not) when you made your purchase on Gumroad."