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  1. Just out of curiosity, what you guys have in mind when you say that it is not detailed enough? My concern is just the amount of hardwork and hardware necessary to get to this level of detail. If it is twice more than the available alternatives, it is already too much, I guess. Or maybe a different approach as stated by renderdemon might be the way to go.
  2. I like the sound of it. My overall opinion is that trying to control what people do is troublesome, but trying to control on what kind of work the 3DC/Pilgway brand and trademark is associated to is more feasible. With an appropriated EULA you could ask works owner's to drop mention of 3DC if it do not match the company mission/goal.
  3. Hi! I just installed the new alpha 85 and it got me to demo mode, no more trial! Hasn't been the trial restarted? I was testing happily the alphas so far, and now that I was hoping to use the direct paint feature - that my copy of 3db 2 does not have - for an actual work while I wait for the official 3.0 release , I can't! Any sugestions?! Thanks!
  4. Good work. Reminds me of HR Giger works. Just missing a naked lady attached to the machinery somewhere.
  5. Yeap, I'm getting around 5kb/s, and a lot of times the connection time out before I finnish the download. I used to get around 200kb/s when download from your site not that long ago...
  6. Blender has a sculpt tool for quite some time now. They just improve it a bit in the latest release... And it also has a retopo and paint texture tools. They're all good, but not as good as what 3dc has at this moment.
  7. Thank you very much, now works fine! Just one more thing, if it's not much to ask. I think I misspelled the word in my first post, so it's "Portuguese", not "Potuguese". It's missing a R. Sorry for that.
  8. Hi Andrew, I got some problems when I tried to edit again an entry which I had already edited. It returns a mySQL error. Just to let you know.
  9. Hi Andrew, I think you could add Potuguese (Brazilian) language, I can help doing some translations for that. thanks.
  10. Don't want to add much to this discussion, since the "I agree" is really in front of all other opinions, but what about: Eden But I have nothing against "3D Coat"...
  11. Following the 3db idea....
  12. Does 3DBrush has any brush to blur/sharpen ? It is a fine and useful tool from photoshop too...
  13. An online brainstorm session. Nothing is silly on a brainstorm session, Lahoreh. Hmm, well, did you consider to use just "3DB"? You might play with the letters, like: 3dB 3db 3dB. (adding a dot might give something different to it ) or using the "layer" idea, something like: 3d BrushLayer 3d BLayer but I like the overcoat idea also. 3D OverCoat OverCoat ... (some cool idea)
  14. I think the name should contain something related to art, since it is aimed at artists. I like the word "Artisan", but "3D Artisan" is already taken, I think. But i like Arabesque too... Maybe just "Arabesq" might work, don't know, just guessing. :P
  15. Exactly the same thing that I thought. "Gem" is a term that was so abused on the 80/90, I guess, that it's lost its value and now has the opposite meaning. I bet that there is a game pack with "a hundred (crap) 3D games" from that time which is branded "3D Gems". Like there must be a "Puzzle Gems", "Arcade Gems", "Word Processor Gems"(?)... But your quest for a new name is valid, as soon as you start to bother ZBrush business they will probably pick a legal fight about the name.