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  1. So far this is less than UDK which is 25%, but that amount is after the first $50k (which they don't cut from). Interesting so far, and very promising for potential projects. Not to mention they are much more forgiving with sharing the code.
  2. Looking at the sculpting itself, the details are actually incredibly clean and the navigation seems intuitive. I'm not sure what the mesh is technically doing, and I don't have an iPad to try it out, but for the people who do, the app was free at the time I posted it. As of that time I don't believe obj export was possible, but if the app is any good then it's only a matter of time for that. To be honest I am neither a fan of Apple nor of Autodesk, but having an on hand sculpting app to draft down basic, clean sculpts could be very useful. I could imagine working on things while traveling or while at a meeting or while working on ideas with a group of people. It could be like a sculpting sketchpad.
  3. The CryENGINGE 3 SDK has been released for free use. I haven't found details on the licensing plans yet for actually releasing a unique game with it, but for now it seems like they are aiming toward more of a UDK approach.
  4. I thought this was interesting, an Autodesk iPad sculpting app. Very Sculptris-like. Very clean too. No idea how it works (especially with the texture painting).
  5. It's been a while since hearing anything about this project, but they just posted an updated video recently. It seems to be a voxel game engine, which while not being as new of an idea as he makes it seem, actually seems to perform well on current hardware. I wonder if they are using SVOs and if the data is deformable/changeable (like digging into the ground). I can't imagine animation working particularly well yet, but it's still pretty cool.
  6. I'm returning to this sculpt after a while because I would like to finish it (I got pretty side-tracked). After some experimentation I've decided to use a mixed workflow with Sculptris and 3dc to get cleaner results. Here's the start of the female figure. If there is anything with the general anatomy that seems off please let me know!
  7. I'm not sure if this was posted, but apparently the CryEngine SDK is being made available for free in August. I guess they'll be competing with UDK
  8. Yeah, I have no idea what to do with the boots. They are just kind of blobs right now since I'm not sure how I should design them.
  9. Trying to get some portfolio work done. I'm working on this exclusively in 3dc. I still need to figure out what to do for the boots and the arms. Advice, criticism, ideas, anything would be helpful. Edit: I'm returning to this project with a mixed workflow in order for things to be cleaner
  10. I just got this: It works well. The only thing I don't like is that the surface is reflective (glass), and the MMB can't be mapped to the pen buttons (Edit: it can but it is called "scroll" instead of MMB). It has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, but it doesn't have buttons on it like the cintiq. The latest drivers are on their website. Oh and it isn't an ips so the angle does make it darker/brighter, and the surface is a little bit above the actual screen so the pen does not touch the exact spot that you draw on (since it's slightly above the surface). Both of these things are minor to me but figured I'd mention them. As far as the pen goes, I actually like it better since it has a bit of weight to it and feels solid. The buttons are more responsive feeling as well. The tip of the pen is plastic (replaceable), but doesn't come with the variety of tips that the wacom has. The tip itself presses against the surface and feels more responsive (with the wacom tip there was a slight amount of give before the tip pressed into the pen, but this pen's tip is taut and springy which helps me to gauge the pressure I'm applying better). The pen takes a AAA battery (which is where it gets its weight), but I believe the battery lasts a very long time.
  11. Meshmixer is cool, didn't know it was available for use already. I played around with it, and while it's not at the point where I'd use it for art, there's a lot of potential. It'd be cool if 3dc had mesh mixing and mesh booleans after getting dynamic subdivision. Merging to voxels could be avoided altogether and the performance/detail ratio could be optimized (maybe smaller file sizes too?). Edit: and another thing, dealing with a mesh instead of voxels could allow for masking and possibly some type of poly paint
  12. hahaha nice. Supposedly whatever needed to be sent out was sent out to the other forums, and they're waiting for the time zones now. We'll see...
  13. Dominance War V is scheduled to start tomorrow if anyone is interested
  14. If you can get those maps to be different diffuse layers then I would just export them one at a time as that.
  15. nice! Great job on the eyes and skin. What renderer did you use? linear workflow?