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  1. I don't think there is a tool that can make holes, but if you make something asymmetrical and mirror it then I believe you can make a hole.
  2. WOW! Amazing work! Right when I thought things were getting bad for 3DC with 4R2 coming out, you release this and I'm completely blown away. Can't wait for what's to come with 3DC!
  3. I really like how the snake brush follows the direction of the stroke and reorients itself. It's something that I feel most move brushes would benefit from. This build is actually running pretty solidly for me. Right now the only problem I've run into is that the sketch tool doesn't work with the pressure on my pen, but when I switched to a mouse it worked fine.
  4. My workflow's been Sculptiris (to make a sculpt obj), 3dcoat (to make a retopo obj with UVs), xNormal (bake any maps I need based on the two objs), 3dcoat (do any final details, texturing, etc with maps). A little bit all over the place but, I'm getting more reliable results (artifacts in 3dc bakes were becoming frustrating). I'd rather bake with xNormal as of now because there are a lot of settings and control. So far my results have been very smooth, but I mostly do normal map work and I believe you are looking for displacement, so this may not be a fruitful suggestion (but who knows). I've generated displacement maps and they seem to take the triangulation into account (there may be a setting to get what you want though).
  5. So far this is less than UDK which is 25%, but that amount is after the first $50k (which they don't cut from). Interesting so far, and very promising for potential projects. Not to mention they are much more forgiving with sharing the code.
  6. Looking at the sculpting itself, the details are actually incredibly clean and the navigation seems intuitive. I'm not sure what the mesh is technically doing, and I don't have an iPad to try it out, but for the people who do, the app was free at the time I posted it. As of that time I don't believe obj export was possible, but if the app is any good then it's only a matter of time for that. To be honest I am neither a fan of Apple nor of Autodesk, but having an on hand sculpting app to draft down basic, clean sculpts could be very useful. I could imagine working on things while traveling or while at a meeting or while working on ideas with a group of people. It could be like a sculpting sketchpad.
  7. The CryENGINGE 3 SDK has been released for free use. I haven't found details on the licensing plans yet for actually releasing a unique game with it, but for now it seems like they are aiming toward more of a UDK approach.
  8. I thought this was interesting, an Autodesk iPad sculpting app. Very Sculptris-like. Very clean too. No idea how it works (especially with the texture painting).
  9. It's been a while since hearing anything about this project, but they just posted an updated video recently. It seems to be a voxel game engine, which while not being as new of an idea as he makes it seem, actually seems to perform well on current hardware. I wonder if they are using SVOs and if the data is deformable/changeable (like digging into the ground). I can't imagine animation working particularly well yet, but it's still pretty cool.
  10. Well if you changed the topology then you've changed the verts and the UVs, so you wont have the same UVs as before the retopo. If you are saying that you already have the high-poly mesh textured and would like that transferred then you can project the texture onto the new, retopo'd mesh using the 'texture baking tool' under the 'Textures' menu. As far as having the same UVs (if having the same UV locations is important), the best I can think of at the moment is going in and manually removing geometry (that doesn't make UV seams) on the high-poly mesh, but even that isn't a good solution. Someone else might know something better, but you should be able to meet all of your needs when you make a new layout for the low-poly. I even think you can adjust the texture UVs after the fact with the 'texture UV editor', but I'm just speculating because I haven't used it. Oh and you'll probably want to get the latest build, 3.23 if you don't have it because there are baking improvements.
  11. I'm returning to this sculpt after a while because I would like to finish it (I got pretty side-tracked). After some experimentation I've decided to use a mixed workflow with Sculptris and 3dc to get cleaner results. Here's the start of the female figure. If there is anything with the general anatomy that seems off please let me know!
  12. The CutOff tool in surface mode absolutely blew me away! Awesome work! The only thing is the detail is lost when merging to voxels. It would be really helpful if the voxels had some type of octree structure or something so that there could be detail where it's needed. I also can't wait if there is some type of reduction brush like there is in sculptris. Anyway I mostly wanted to say great work.
  13. I personally think the sculpting in something like zbrush is better feeling and has more fidelity, probably since it doesn't depend on marching cubes. The main advantage to using voxels is that there are no topology restrictions and booleans can be done naturally. Both of those issues are being solved for the surface mode in 3dc, which is why I feel that surface mode would be the way to go. No dependence on marching cubes and need for high density and lots of memory, and hard surfaces would be much easier to achieve.
  14. Not yet, but supposedly both of the next engines (id Tech 6 and UE4) will have some type of a voxel focus and are a long ways away. I don't see UE3 going anywhere anytime soon since they just updated it substantially, but given cloud gaming is now on the market, I wouldn't be surprised if the next advances came sooner rather than later.
  15. It seems like Sparse Voxel Octrees are the future for engines like id Tech and Unreal, so I guess keeping with voxels makes a lot of sense. I just wish the voxels we have now were a lot less clunky, gave cleaner edges, and took up less memory :/.