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  1. Yeah I know, but it doesn't worked for me while i clicked RMB at Vox Layer and then RMB + MMB at "To uniform space".
  2. Hey !! 1) Have no idea how to run "to uniform" via script 2) Only option is to choose: SelectFirstVolume(false); // false - if you want to select visible and nonvisible layers Than you can select next layers in a loop with: SelectNextVolume(false); // false - if you want to select visible and nonvisible layers
  3. Right now it can't be done... but next build will have few scripting upgrades.
  4. Great! Next question is if there is an option to run angelscript function, after hitting button from loaded xml UI? To be clear: (For Example) I open xml UI from angelscript and after clicking a button, some function from angelscript is running. I know i can run for ex. vox() merge() (etc.) from xml UI, but running own created functions/procedures would be awesome. Documentation for xml UIs would be useful. Now i'm learning how to build them, by analyzing existing xmls, so i can only recreate existing scheme. Of course there are more important topics, like brush improvements etc. but if you'll found spare time , some scripting improvements would be welcomed
  5. Ok, Thanks !!
  6. Hey, But how to scale when there is no Edit Box in UI? For example i get Select Tool in Retopo Room: cmd("$[Page2]Select");/*Select*/ Next Transform: cmd("$[Page2]Transform");/*Transform*/ Now i have got UI for Transform tool, and i want to scale selection to 0, but only option is to click Scale buttons, and i dont know how to set value: cmd("$CubPrimClose::ScaleY");/*Scale Y*/ It would be awesome to have some log window with last command used, like in maya. It will help to learn scripting
  7. I'm just wondering how you managed to create AppLink from Octane's side. It has no plugin SDK or something. Only way to automatically load object is to run Octane through batch mode with certain parameters. That's your method. Am I right?
  8. Hi! I want to share a mocap project that we (me and my friend) were working on about year ago. Main goal was to create simple face mocap with minimum amount of markers. It's only proof-of-concept, so there is only basic functionality. Source is written in C (openCV functions and Maya mocap server) + mel scripts. At the moment project is discontinued, waiting for spare time, but now when we have more knowledge i think it need to be fully rewritten. Check out sources (if you want ), but it's messy: If your interested in CG programming/scripting check out my facebook site: Thanks for attention
  9. In fact hair are almost done (basic version and Clark Kent style ): And here is retopo of a head i prepared earlier: Low poly will be a little bit changed, because i need to open his mouth for rigging/animation. Cloths and items will be modeled in Blender or Maya, but i will back to 3D Coat for UVs and texture painting. Yeah i know your pain. In Poland the premiere was moved to tomorrow (friday 20.07) because of Euro 2012 football cup...
  10. Thanks man !! Your idea with cylindrical brain is brilliant !! Check this out: You probably seen this, but when there are takes on David talking, you can find cubic skulls on a background, behind a glass. Imagine all anatomy based on cubic shapes. Like unique alien species AFAIK there is no possibility to edit old posts, so i want to re-upload cubism reference and add few more:
  11. Check this out: and it's even cheaper. And there is nDo2 but it's expensive as hell !!
  12. Sorry if i sounded like Cpt. Obvious
  13. What can i say. Excellent work !!!
  14. Hi, I'm not new here, but it's my debut in gallery. What pushed me to share this WIP was topic posted by DavidF: I was shocked how many similarities our sculptures have. My work is a little bit older i guess. I even don't remember when i started it... Process of sculpting didn't take so long, but whole idea is evolving in my head from looong time. First i started to jam with my tablet and 3D Coat with target to create toon/comic book style character. I'm not sure but i feel, my character style is similar to some Marvel or DC hero/antyhero (i'll be glad if someone help me find a clue ). Then i started to think, and realized that this style is a little bit like (may i say) "soviet cubism": but with more flow and oval shapes. Now I've got idea about Siegfried (don't have surname yet). An nazi engineer whose dream was to create a time machine during WW2. Maybe i'll create short animation, don't know yet, but first i need to create portrait. So here it is: I hope sharing my work will push me to finish this fella. Retopology of a head is done. Now I'll make hair, uniform and oldschool, round glasses. Thanks