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  1. I am not a LW expert, actually i never used it at all, but it sounds to me like you are trying to insert displacement map into normal map's place. Try to export normal map from 3DC and use it in the same place.
  2. Yes, agree. In this way you can separate details for displacement map (large scale, general form tweaks) and details for normal map (finer details that does not change overall shape, silhouette). But as you work, its often a good idea to make new layer when you starting to work on something that placed over existing paint\sculpt, so you can work in non-destructive way, without taking chance to mess up already painted area. Later on you can merge this layer for resources sake.
  3. If you are using pre 2009 max version, take a look at gw obj I\O, its a free obj input\output tool for Max (and XSI), the best one. In new max (2009) its already integrated. With it you'll never see fliped normals or any obj trobles, with right preset MH meshes would be imported correctly to max.
  4. Andrew, its sounds non less then fantastic, i should say! Kind of vector format for textures under the hood of 3DC, so up res is nearly lossless ? Wow... wow again philnolan3d, good model, i like the topology, i'd like to see finished texture.
  5. looks god so far. Polycount?
  6. Its imposible i think. The problem with tris in those meshes comes in sculpting\disp. painting sw, but its not main target of MH, to make mesh perfect for zbrush or 3DC. MH mesh its nearly perfect in topology and also good to animate, by placing edgeloops strategicaly it allows to morph those loops in such way that same mesh with same topo can be large male-herro with big muscles or small thin female and so on, while both meshes still anatomicaly correct. If they will concentrate on 100% pure quads they will lose some posibilities of such great morphing, afaik.
  7. Well, although i does not like to use parametric modellers, i must say MH is remarkable peace of sw, great source for learning topology, their basemesh is a great example of (nearly) ideal topology and polyflow.
  8. Looks good, but good color\spec texture will make it really poops out. Looking forward to diffuse texture of good looking aged metal.
  9. Well, its looks somewhat good i must admit, i like Metal (blade) texture.
  10. Looks good so far. I'll look more in depth. Its will be video or writen tutorial? If writen, i think it better to provide users with PDF download. Thanks!
  11. Thats funny :lol: It looks like you really know what you are talking about. Ouh, by the way, just to let you know - Pixologic team always uploaded their videos to youtube (among other services), even more, during ZB 3 beta period most of the videos firstly apear on youtube, before any other places. Go to youtube, type "zbrush" and start to count videos (also check who is uploader of some videos). If its to hard, call me - i'll come and help you to count'em all You can also check it for "Mudbox" videos. When 3DC team will make line of quality tutorials i'll vote for making them in a good quality and .mov/.avi/.wmv format, like ZClassroom, but for "fast'n'Dirty" media nothing is better than flash.
  12. You dont have to pay money for this - there is plenty of free stuff that can do this job well. Why? I cant see any problem with it. Internet speeds grows, it is fast and cheap nowdays, so there is no caching slowdowns problem with streaming media. So personaly i prefer to view things in browser instead of downloading it to HDD, sorting and keepeng it localy, if it something i want to view once (such as most of you tube stuff). But in case you need to view it after some time again all those files easily downloadable and viewable localy using free tools.
  13. Agree, i also use it. Also you can use IDM (internet download manager), it instals flexible automatic .flv downloader for both IE and firefox based browsers. But, unfortunately, some peoples prefers to try to change whole world and reality (and reality is that 90% of videos all over the web are in flash format) rather then change themself a litle and spend 15 minutes to understand why flash is better and to install needed tools.
  14. Deadman21 - its looks like you did really good details session
  15. Its looks great, i like it. Maybe you need to add some hairs to his body, but he is already looks good.