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  1. Looks nice. What renderer did you use?
  2. Just watched your vid. If this is the way you want to work then its up to you. Using a background constraint in 3dcoat looks ok. We just prefer to make changes to a base mesh in zbrush like this video. In 3dcoat the tweak room can edit the mesh to an extent and then you can paint displacements back in paintroom but imho zbrush way is just easier. Is it because zbrush uses a poly based sculpting toolset and not an image based sculpting toolset? Maybe. Maybe the 3dc applink can make it easier but I haven't tried it for years if mesh edits are linked not just textures. But then again if zbrush works already in this case, no need to change unless there's something vastly superior. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I just know its very simple and direct to do things in zbrush in this case, in this part of the pipeline. I don't need to go through different rooms.
  3. The way we work is still use a base mesh in 3dmax, maya, etc, like rigged character, and then bring that to zbrush and sculpt on it and then export out all the maps. The quality of the displacements and normalmaps is great using zbrush multires quad sculpting. Base mesh is intact. For 3dcoat we can't get the same detail using image based sculpting and the experience is not so smooth sculpting detailed displacments. We hardly use the sculpt room and its surface tools unless its concepts and doodles. There's no way to work with sculpt room that gives us flexibility like zbrush to seamlessly work with a base mesh. One way workflow with 3dcoat sculpting. Once you import in sculpt room your base mesh is useless. For painting 3dcoat is a must have though.
  4. Not without quad based multi res poly sculpting. People who use 3dcoat, zbrush still use zbrush for sculpting because its just more powerful than 3dcoats image based sculpting. Modo offers both sculpting methods. Its trying to catch up. Maybe modo 12 it would be as fast as 3dcoat painting and powerful enough to do multires sculpting like zbrush.
  5. That would have been vulcan. Works on all os platforms. But Apple is not going there anymore. I think Andrew should wait a bit before doing big changes like this that could backfire later. Maybe its better to work on multires sculpting in the tweak room.
  6. Here's some posts about apis for dcc appz. Modo seems to be going to the direction of metal slowly.
  7. Vulcan is based off of amd mantle api donated to khronos. I think a lot of things will break with opengl once they move from opengl to vulcan. Then opengl would just be legacy. Why would Andrew drop dx? Windows is the biggest os platform. And as you said, appz developed for dx usually perform better than opengl. I'm sure the opposite is true if they code opengl version first. Problem is its dx that gets created first for appz. Its not an easy task supporting all these standards. Autodesk as gigantic as it is haven't developed a 3dmax linux version. Modo linux I think is also not well supported.
  8. They're API's so they can be deprecated and discontinue support. Khronos develops opengl but moving to vulkan. But Apple doesn't seem to be interested in vulkan anymore and moving towards metal. For Apple, games support was always a problem because MS owns dx. And dx just performs better because appz develop dx first then converted to opengl. There would be four api's soon , opengl, dx, vulcan, metal. Along with os platforms, these standards are not cheap for a small developer to support all this stuff. And then theres cuda and opencl. I'm curious if Andrew would reveal how much market there is for linux for 3dcoat. Is it worth the effort? Is it atleast 30% of the whole 3dcoat sales? I'm surprised he hasn't dropped linux for 3dcoat.
  9. Isn't apple abandoning opengl soon for metal? Windows 10 also has some issues with opengl. MS might totally abandon it for dx.
  10. Does it support different OS's, Viewport modes and different gpu harware? The RnD and support for all these standards take a lot of time and money.
  11. Can you post the link to the fb post?
  12. Is this applink dead like other lightwave thirdparty support?
  13. Maxreal is that direct link no need to manually plugin the nodes for pbr?
  14. I got displacement to work. Some issues with the applink. Textures are saved in the object folder and not the image folder. Textures get renamed. Its adding a suffix. Like "test_Default_color" becomes "test for applink_Default_uv_color" "test_Default_disp" becomes "test for applink_Default_uv_disp" It should just save as the same name since its an applink ideally located in the image folder, too. Nodes don't get updated with the correct textures so you have to manually point them to the new textures. After you point them to the new textures and keep working on 3dcoat and run "Open in original app" again, layout will not update to the new textures. You have to go manually to image editor and press Reload.