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  1. Some painting improvements

    Is there a mode for brush painting that would affect all layers. Like using the erase tool would erase all layers or all visible layers? Or paint on all layers or visible layers?
  2. Some painting improvements

  3. Some painting improvements

    What's Andrew's email?
  4. Some painting improvements

    Is trello the place for feature request that Andrew reads?
  5. Oh that sucks. The history is pretty important. Also its strange it opens up a new layer document every time you sinc with 3dcoat. I will try gimp.
  6. I'm trying this out again. I think I tried this a couple of years ago. Its really good now for my uses which is to connect to 3dcoat as external editor. Problem, when I press ctrl+p in 3dcoat to send layers to krita, it opens a new document every time with no history. Is there a way to go back and forth with 3dc and krita and keep layer history intact with one document only?
  7. Can we use this as external editor for 3dcoat? I hope there's liquify, warp and puppet transform with Gimp. That's the most crucial tools I use with 3dcoat/photoshop. Merry Christmas!
  8. Some painting improvements

    Not sure if these are already in the latest beta. I'll request them anyway since I use 3dc for painting a lot. liquify in 3d viewport - please, much needed to do it in 3d viewport like distort. Smudge tool sucks inverse brush paint selection - example if you use the lasso, I want to invert where the paint is applied. Its always inside. random paint cubic - using the smart materials to apply random scale, rotation of a texture like a flower that I want to randomize the tiling in cubic projection on a vase so the flower is not uniform when applied. morph then paint - is this possible already?
  9. Anyone? Andrew this is useful for 3dcoat for quick transfer of models.
  10. OD_Copy paste allows you to copy and paste geometry between applications. Please somebody do 3dcoat version https://heimlich1024.github.io/OD_CopyPasteExternal/ The following applications are supported: Modo : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps Lightwave : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps Blender : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps Maya : Vertices / Polygons / Weights (via Vertex Normals) (Implementation by Andre Hotz) Houdini : Vertices / Polygons / Weightmaps, UVMaps (Paste Implementation by Chris Wells) Others : Looking for contributors to write implementations for other 3d Apps (see TODO)
  11. 3D-Coat 4.7 (Beta testing thread)

    Please Liquify tool in paintroom that work on the 3d viewport with symmetry! The distort tool during projection painting is so close but its 2d and only works for projections. I don't really use 3dcoat for sculpting so my requests will be biased.
  12. Official YouTube Channel

    So this is the new 3dcoat channel for tutorials? The other channel is not being updated anymore.
  13. Bake to low poly

    Thanks! Also that process is similar to xnormal process. Advantage of xnormal is no need to load hipoly to ram. It reads from hdd even the heaviest models. But I also like the how SP can show a preview bake in your lowpoly model.
  14. Bake to low poly

    So the two methods of 3dc to bake. One is to import hipoly to voxel room and import low poly in retopo room. Then bake and switch to paint room to see low poly with baked normals. Process seems spread out and not intuitive imo. Other way is video by Abranger using texture baking tool. WIth hi poly object you bake into low poly object and it produces textures on the hd. Preview using another intance of 3dcoat and start importing textures and apply to low poly object. Could be better process. Maybe add a new wizard in the start panel. Bake low poly from high poly. So you start by choosing low poly mesh and point to high poly mesh on hdd. Choose some options. Then bake either preview mode or final. 3dcoat shows paintroom with the baked textures. Finalize baking if you only did test preview. So final screen is paint room with high quality texture applied. Just like SP.
  15. Bake to low poly

    The way multi mesh baking in sp seems like similar to xnormals. There's also a way to quickly do a test bake to preview in the viewport. Compare baking in 3dcoat.