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  1. Andrew is not reading the forums? Wonder if its easy to make.
  2. Yes its possible. But I wanted to eliminate PS from the process. So I can just stay in 3dcoat. No shuffling back and forth. Distort is pretty close to liquify but we can't use it on existing layer textures, only current projection.
  3. The shift layer tool has the smudge I tried. The pixels get really blurry. Transform tool is neat but probably will be more steps in this case. I can't touch the uvs in this case since the mesh is a template so is the uv so only the textures can be manipulated to conform to the mesh. A dozen different pants to conform to this mesh. Lol After 4 version of 3dcoat its too bad we don't have a real Liquify tool in 3dcoat. Maybe 3dcoat 5 will have it. Guess I'll have to keep doing the PS liquify and reload image in Lw workflow for now.
  4. I'm doing some very low poly painting for mobile games. Mostly projection and I wanted to use 3dcoat more but can't seem to find a tool like liquify which I still use a lot in PS. So I'm going back and forth with PS and LW to use liquify to fix texture projections. Smudge is not really doing a good job in 3dcoat. Distort only works during projection and you cant use it to fix textures already applied to a mesh afaik. I found some threads related to this Does liquify exist now maybe I just missed it in 3dcoat.
  5. About transparency, Andrew now added a new function to add black instead of gray for transparent areas. Its still better to make the output transparent. Modo supports transparent pngs.
  6. Gawd thanks! He said it " little known" draw mode. I never knew this. I've been importing and exporting stuff out of Modo just to paint models in exactly the same situations.
  7. I wonder if its possible to select specific topology in 3dcoat to paint them accurately? In Modo I'm able to select polygons specifically then paint them. This is useful for me in some projects where I use the mesh flow as paint flow. I don't know if I can do it in 3dcoat wthout tedious masking so I"m doing this kind of painting in modo. Here's a very simple example.
  8. Been that way since 3dc v3. When using png its hard to edit in pshop with that gray color everywhere, especially overlaying it on top of other graphics. The rgb should support transparency in png.
  9. Attention Png doesn't have alpha channel when opened in photoshop. So we need it to be transparent in the rgb channel. Just please add it Andrew. The png files always had a gray color in the transparent areas in the rgb channel which is wrong.
  10. Just watched your vid. If this is the way you want to work then its up to you. Using a background constraint in 3dcoat looks ok. We just prefer to make changes to a base mesh in zbrush like this video. In 3dcoat the tweak room can edit the mesh to an extent and then you can paint displacements back in paintroom but imho zbrush way is just easier. Is it because zbrush uses a poly based sculpting toolset and not an image based sculpting toolset? Maybe. Maybe the 3dc applink can make it easier but I haven't tried it for years if mesh edits are linked not just textures. But then again if zbrush works already in this case, no need to change unless there's something vastly superior. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I just know its very simple and direct to do things in zbrush in this case, in this part of the pipeline. I don't need to go through different rooms.
  11. Andrew can you check attachment? Why is there always a gray bg color where it should be transparent? Very easy to see if you export out png. Its never been fixed. Also that black boxes Javis mentioned has always been there since 3dcoat 3. Don't think it has been fixed.
  12. The way we work is still use a base mesh in 3dmax, maya, etc, like rigged character, and then bring that to zbrush and sculpt on it and then export out all the maps. The quality of the displacements and normalmaps is great using zbrush multires quad sculpting. Base mesh is intact. For 3dcoat we can't get the same detail using image based sculpting and the experience is not so smooth sculpting detailed displacments. We hardly use the sculpt room and its surface tools unless its concepts and doodles. There's no way to work with sculpt room that gives us flexibility like zbrush to seamlessly work with a base mesh. One way workflow with 3dcoat sculpting. Once you import in sculpt room your base mesh is useless. For painting 3dcoat is a must have though.
  13. Texture export with transparency has always been a problem for me, too. This is since 3dcoat 3. There's always a light gray color in the background. Turning off layer 0 has always produced black boxes for me, too, so I never used it. Using 3dcoat 4.5.19 for export
  14. Not without quad based multi res poly sculpting. People who use 3dcoat, zbrush still use zbrush for sculpting because its just more powerful than 3dcoats image based sculpting. Modo offers both sculpting methods. Its trying to catch up. Maybe modo 12 it would be as fast as 3dcoat painting and powerful enough to do multires sculpting like zbrush.
  15. That would have been vulcan. Works on all os platforms. But Apple is not going there anymore. I think Andrew should wait a bit before doing big changes like this that could backfire later. Maybe its better to work on multires sculpting in the tweak room.