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  1. So this is the new 3dcoat channel for tutorials? The other channel is not being updated anymore.
  2. Thanks! Also that process is similar to xnormal process. Advantage of xnormal is no need to load hipoly to ram. It reads from hdd even the heaviest models. But I also like the how SP can show a preview bake in your lowpoly model.
  3. So the two methods of 3dc to bake. One is to import hipoly to voxel room and import low poly in retopo room. Then bake and switch to paint room to see low poly with baked normals. Process seems spread out and not intuitive imo. Other way is video by Abranger using texture baking tool. WIth hi poly object you bake into low poly object and it produces textures on the hd. Preview using another intance of 3dcoat and start importing textures and apply to low poly object. Could be better process. Maybe add a new wizard in the start panel. Bake low poly from high poly. So you start by choosing low poly mesh and point to high poly mesh on hdd. Choose some options. Then bake either preview mode or final. 3dcoat shows paintroom with the baked textures. Finalize baking if you only did test preview. So final screen is paint room with high quality texture applied. Just like SP.
  4. The way multi mesh baking in sp seems like similar to xnormals. There's also a way to quickly do a test bake to preview in the viewport. Compare baking in 3dcoat.
  5. Is it just me or is the Substance painter process of baking much more intuitive and obvious than 3dcoat?
  6. Are you able to autoretopo an object around +1.5million polys? Modo just freezes for me. I'm using a laptop though with i5 5200, 16gig ram. But with the same hardware I am able to autoretopo in 3dc or zbrush and produced a mesh good enough for 3dprinting with no issues. That's the usefulness of autoretopo for me.
  7. I can't do complex and highpoly autoretopo with Modo. It always freezes halfway through. Anyway they just added it so don't expect too much.
  8. I was able to import that sphere in both 3dbuilder and zprint 7.12 successfully with color. I did get the same out of memory error you got in 3dc. So its a 3dc issue. The file is from zbrushcore. It supports colored output by using vrml and embedded the polypaint into it. i wanted to try to import to 3dc and continue painting it but couldn't import it successfully.
  9. Sorry its wrl extension but its commonly known as vrml right? Here's a sample file with embedded vertex map. The 3dm file can be saved from windows 10 3dbuilder. I don't know if that's a closed format or can we import/export that in the future.
  10. Does 3dcoat support vrml, 3dm with vertex color embedded? Vrml is standard colored printing format. The colors can be embedded. 3dm is new format for colored printing which is used also by win 10 3dbuilder. Probably will be supported by mspaint3d. I tried importing vrml and 3dcoat just crashed.
  11. The way the smooth stroke reconnects on the last spot, do we have that in 3dcoat?
  12. Andrew is not reading the forums? Wonder if its easy to make.
  13. Yes its possible. But I wanted to eliminate PS from the process. So I can just stay in 3dcoat. No shuffling back and forth. Distort is pretty close to liquify but we can't use it on existing layer textures, only current projection.
  14. The shift layer tool has the smudge I tried. The pixels get really blurry. Transform tool is neat but probably will be more steps in this case. I can't touch the uvs in this case since the mesh is a template so is the uv so only the textures can be manipulated to conform to the mesh. A dozen different pants to conform to this mesh. Lol After 4 version of 3dcoat its too bad we don't have a real Liquify tool in 3dcoat. Maybe 3dcoat 5 will have it. Guess I'll have to keep doing the PS liquify and reload image in Lw workflow for now.