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  1. SOLD! I'll probably buy a license of ZBrush if/when I get a freelance gig that involves sculpting people.
  2. I hope for mods don't mind me bumping as extremely old thread, I really haven't used my license of 3DCoat since then and probably won't anytime soon. I'd really like to buy a copy of Zbrush again. So asking price for my 3DCoat license is 249 USD, payment method is either a check or paypal. If you are interested send me an email: naka_256 at hotmail dot com.
  3. I do not understand what subcells are, can anyone explain it in layman terms? :P How will it change the way I interact with voxels?
  4. OK, I save hotkeys, and navigations,etc. But where is the 3D-Coat preference directory?
  5. auto-retopology, masking area of high density isn't working in 3.5.20?
  6. nvidia 28nm cards won't be out until at least October 2011 that's a long wait :| Gainward is about to release a GTX 580 with 3GB of ram, should be great for DCC apps.
  7. Andrew, Please support Modo with AppLink
  8. I'd like to be able pick which area of my voxel to use autoretopology maybe with a brush? Paint areas where you want to apply autoretopology.
  9. what do you put for company name if you don't work for any company? such as myself. :P
  10. QFA, i bought a copy of Zbrush, but i like the painting tools and posing tools in MB better, so i may drop some money on MB later in the year.
  11. asymmetrical sculpting ala Mudbox allows you to sculpt on a non-symmetrical model yet still be able to sculpt both side, as long as the topology is the same(think - a posed figured, you can sculpt the left/right hand at the same time). I imagine implementing something like this in Sculptris? something like this:
  12. Yup that's why i love Sculptris! I would love to be able to sculpt asymmetrically(like in Mudbox) in future versions that is abit of a workflow killer though in Sculptris it is just a slider(simple/fast/elegant)
  13. Mudbox will support ptex baking also, saw the Pixar siggraph demo!
  14. When does the beta start? My 3DCoat license is still for sale until otherwise stated - i will miss the retopology tools in 3DCoat though.