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  1. This is the slowest server I have ever seen! 10KB/sec on a high speed line! 1 hour 30 minutes to d/l. I has been this way for the last few updates.
  2. Andrew, ALL functions are very slow, 3dconnexion, Nav keys and mouse, and all menu actions. Menus take 2-4 seconds to drop down, and 2-4 seconds to respond to selection. Panning and rotating are also this slow. When I open using your objects everything works ok. It only slows when I open my own objects. They are the same objects that I have used without problems for earlier testing of morphs, etc. The objects still work fine in Studio, ZBrush, and Hex. I am sending you the log file as you requested. When I reload version 2.08 everything works correctly. I have gone back and forth several times and the results are the same each time, 2.08 works and 2.09 B1 dosen't.
  3. When I import an existing head mesh the 3dconnexion interface becomes almost unusable due to an extreme lag (very slow response on all movements and menu actions). I had to reload 2.08 in order to use the software. Anyone else having this problem?
  4. Andrew, This argueing is getting stale. You seem to want to compete in a market that promotes quality. The best approach is to notice what established, reputable companies do with great success. YouTube (or any low quality video) could not be seriously considered as a medium for tutorials on a state-of-the-art application such as 3d-Coat. Leave it to the cell phone crowd where it belongs. Look to (successful) companies like Pixologic who care how they are perceived by their user base. ZBrush tutorials are a fantastic resource, well organized and presented in both streaming and downloadable formats for users trying to follow step-by-step, click-by-click examples. Those that marvel at the increasing internet speeds and the new gadgets to facilitate basic operations like saving a tutorials see this from the viewpoint of the computer, not the art. I do not want to have to load new tools or upgrade my internet service (at high cost) to get the latest gadget. My goal is to get past the computer to get to the art. Not wanting to organize this data on your HD seems counter to the very concept of learning. My most valuable resource is the reference data stored on my system, like the books on my shelf, for it represents what is important to me. Look to your competition.
  5. bwtr, Hang in there. Andrew, I never watch streaming (video) tutorials. I may just be uninformed but I find that streaming tutorials are very unfriendly. For one thing I have a daily download limit which I refuse to waste replaying a tutorial trying to pick up details. I will always download Quicktime tutorials so I only pay once and can play over and over.
  6. 3db - Graphics Tool A tool for computer-graphics.
  7. I like 3db