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  1. ? i cant see a download on the web anymore, i did a bit of fishing and no luck.
  2. dude

    proportion problems fixed...
  3. dude

    almost finished with this armour set, i think...
  4. dude

    made his chest slightly more proportional.
  5. dude

    slight facial expression adjustment
  6. dude

    with the all necessary weapons of mass destruction!
  7. dude

    still got to give him some weapons, and i plan on making a few armour variations too. its for a little medieval combat sim im putting together, even though its more industrial designed with all the mech piece work.
  8. Voxel Head

    love your avatar!!! its glowing, love the scatter work.
  9. I just bought an educational license, and im pleased, 3dcoat is a fantastic program and im glad to help the company out with a sale... hows Pilgway doing commercially? I hope they made bucketloads out of it, the plots are insanely fast! the sculptings really cool! AWESOME PROGRAM!
  10. game level piece design.

    Its easy to retopo (convert to triangles and textures) if you have the right software, I just plan on doing it automatically.
  11. Leigh's Sketchbook

    nice sculpting there, good work.
  12. game level piece design.

    theres only 3d coat to thank for this, maybe I could make my own kit pieces, but id do that with 3d coat too, I actually need to work out how to do that in a semi decent fashion. Thanks everyone! Ill be back with a game hopefully 100% created using 3d coat, ill have to finally purchase the program tho.