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  1. I use it a lot since 2.49b. I've also used it professionally a lot. It's a great program, I would love to use it in all productions.
  2. 3dcoating

    From the album -IP- works

  3. sides

    From the album -IP- works

  4. Head Design

    From the album -IP- works

    A new concept made in 3d-coat. I really wanted to do the body but I have so much stuff to do!!! this was more like a break.
  5. In fact it's gonna be a teaser for a videogame that I want to give it a shot in kickstarter. It's not a cyborg game though, this is only a chapter in which a character thinks he is a cyborg in his dreams.
  6. This one is kind of finished and unfinished. It's a finished sketch that I decided to render, but it's not a finished project. I want to make it production ready and not only a one mesh sketch. But time will tell if I find the motivation to do so XD. Anyway, sculpted in 3d-coat in about 2 afternoons, I love 3d-coats speed, designing is freedom here. Hope you like it.
  7. looks really good. How many polys?
  8. Yes jaja, this is an "undead" version, but the chain is in the original andariel design anyway : http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090324145325/diablo/es/images/d/d3/Andariel.gif xD Thanks!
  9. And this is a full res image of the andariel/necromancer video:
  10. Some more pics from my sketchbook 3d-coat / zbrush sculpt, cycles render. (Personal secret project :P): 3d-coat cycles sketch:
  11. Hi!! I wanted to share my work done in 3d-coat... I've used it for some time now and I find it great! This is a diablo 2 fan art... Andariel (the monster), was sculpted and painted entirely in 3d-coat: https://vimeo.com/61226989 This is an experiment also sculpted in 3d-coat, just for fun: https://vimeo.com/61226992 And well, many things in my portfolio and sketchbook have used 3d-coat, I invite you to check it out: http://intentionalpixel.com/ http://intentionalpixel.com/sketchbook Hope you like it! PD: I wasn't able to embed vimeo videos in this forum, is there a way? Thanks!
  12. thanks, i'm gonna give it a try
  13. yeah but what if in the voxel room you decided to change the face proportions tremendously, and sculpt the ear a lot to find different shapes (not only by moving around and posing, which works in both retopo and voxel rooms), taking into account how delicate the ears topology is, you would then have to adapt manually the retopo mesh into the new voxel mesh cause just snapping it would make a mess. Besides, what michalis says is that this subdivision adaptation works great on some cases, and can even be more useful than voxel-retopology workflow, depending on the case, and it would be useful to have the chance to do it that way. On the other hand, subdivision baked displacement maps are much more trustworthy than raytraced ones, at least that is what happens in mudbox. I agree with michalis in that is generally easier to work over a mesh with good topology already, but the downside of that is that you can't skecth and design a character without having anything in mind, which is in my opinion one of the things 3d-coat shines at... and also, another downside of subdivision sculpting is that you can come short of polygons if you want to add, for example, a horn in the head, and you may get to insane cuantities of memory usage, and that horn may have troubles with higher subdivision levels if it's added by booleans (I don't know very well how boleans work over meshes with subdiv levels in zbrush though). Even with this downsides, there are many upsides that have been posted along this thread, and it would be more than helpful to have the chance of doing it the subdivision way, like when the mesh has many folds and tiny holes that is a nightmare to retopology and bake maps with raytracing.
  14. Some ideas about this were posted in this Thread: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9281 , that maybe didn't get enough attention. This is an important thing that would expand the workflow tremendously, making 3d-coat a nicer pipeline tool, since you could sculpt without loosing topology and uvs from an existent model. I love creating things from scratch, but to be honest, it is very very frequent in the industry the usage of preexistent models with goods uvs and topology and then get to something unique, to speed up the workflow. Sometimes these preexistent models can even be rigged already.