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  1. !!!...UPDATE...!!! I was running FLUX for afew months. After a month or so, my PC began to random reboot. As time progressed, it occured more often. Like every few hours! I came to the conclusion FLUX was making this happen, because shortly after I deleted it and removed it from my PC, I no longer had the random reboots. That was afew months ago. I have had no random rebbots since removing FLUX. I have Windows 7. I RECOMMEND NOT USING THIS SOFTWARE. Sorry for talking it up before.
  2. "On February 14th 2011 the goal was met. Congratulations! We Dared. You Shared. You Won. February 14 2011 114 Countries. 35,000 hits. 103,000 combined views. Multiple records broken. In 7 days you have left your mark on the history of the Internet, and made a lot of people happy. Thank You!" "We'll miss you, Green Progress Bar" "Now Let's show the world what we can do." ...Let's show the world indeed! !!! I JUST SAVED $1155.00 !!! And will be able to use 3D software I would never have had the chance to, as I am not a "student" and could never have afforded it otherwise...but have just as much interest in 3D Digital work. WHY? Because pmG Rocks! And 3DCOAT along with this Forum Rocks! THANK YOU !!!WWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
  3. I have not seen any mention of this on their site. I posted the question their and am waiting for a reply. I will post the answer here as soon as I get one.
  4. The GOAL BAR just passed the halfway mark!!! ...in a couple days!!!
  5. Good point. If you're Painting and Rendering, ect. it would get in the way. If all you're doing is Voxel sculpting, color is not that critical. f.lux can be turned off for those times it would interfere otherwise.
  6. Thanks. I just downloaded it.
  7. Thanks Greg. Just downloaded it.
  8. Wow, I missed that one...right...there...in the HELP Tab. Thanks Phil. That one cost me alot of newbie points...lol. Appreciate the help.
  9. f.lux A free download that filters out eye straining light from your PC Monitor. PC Monitor light is made to be bright so the screen is nice and visible. This is great during the day...not so great in the evening or those wee hours of the morning. Even so, this bright light during the day is not a good thing on your eyes. f.lux changes all that. It filters the bright light and gradually reduces it's brightness the darker it gets outside. It does this in relation to the real-time daylight outside. I've been using it for afew months now, and it is amazing. It really helps. Here's to less PC Monitor light induced eyestrain. f.lux Did I mention it is a free download? NOTE: It is not recommended on calibrated systems running Windows.
  10. Are you talking about clicking the TUTORIALS Tab? Then the 3D-COAT MANUAL?...That takes you to the Wiki Manual. The only place I found the one I'm talking about is a file that is downloaded with 3DCOAT. It has illustrations and is more in depth. I'm probably "newbing-out" again...lol.
  11. I'll be getting mine in a few days. I went in for the $40 Messiah deal. I'll use it mainly for rigging/posing at first, from sculpts I've made in 3DCOAT. I was disappointed to hear Messiah currently does not support 3DCONNEXION. BUT...I think they will eventually support it.
  12. I'm going to go with this one. Used is used...I'll take a chance on paying this low price and save the extra $30 I would spend on the same one that is priced higher. Just in time for my Tax Return Refund...lol. Thanks.
  13. I'll ask also. Must...have...SPACE...PILOT...
  14. ???...!!! Wow Thanks for that info and ad video link. This looks like a very useful device. I'll be getting the one you have in the link for $69.12. Around the same price as the BAMBOO PEN I just got...nice! I really appreciate all the help. As Jarvis Jones has said..."COAT ON" !!!
  15. LOL...AbnRanger said it best. "Using a mouse is like trying to draw/sculpt with a brick." I got the BAMBOO PEN. $69.99 at BEST BUY. It is worth every penny. Was thinking of the PEN with TOUCH but heard it really was not needed. The biggest thing about using it over the mouse is your sculpting is now "Pressure Sensitive"...meaning you can now manually adjust the brush DEPTH as you sculpt, on the fly. It feels like a combination of Sculpting and Drawing at the same time...It's incredable! And the PEN is much more intuitive to use than the MOUSE. Also, your ZOOM/ PAN/ and MOVE features in the VOXEL WINDOW are now through the PEN and it is really nice to use. It does take alittle getting used to over using a MOUSE, because now you are using a PEN...just like a PEN, and point and clicking admitedly is abit easier with a mouse possibly, but after getting used to the PEN, I find it more to my liking. As far as size,the BAMBOO PEN I got has about a 6"x 3 1/2" active PAD area. The area of the PAD translates exactly to the total area of your PC screen size. I have not tried any of the larger size PADS (this is my first GRAPHICS PEN PAD buy), but this size seems best, as your not moving so much to get the same effect a larger one would give. I cannot recommend a GRAPHICS PEN PAD enough. There may be other brands out there, but I'm happy with my BAMBOO PEN.