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  1. Try this: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17814 I hope this answers your question.
  2. Thanks Andrew. I hope that your vacation went well. Have a nice day, P. Monk
  3. O.K. I'm confused. I just installed 3.5.23 for WinXP 64 version with CUDA but I can't seem to find Live Clay. I'm in Voxels, I switch to surface mode and I don't see an option for Live Clay. Is there a special version for Live Clay or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for all help in advance. P. Monk
  4. My monkey is an uncle too. Thanks for testing.
  5. Cool....did you post this a Blender Artists?
  6. If this has been posted elsewhere please forgive me, I did look around. It seems Farsthary has been busy with Live Clay. P. Monk
  7. Thank you for responding. I see from the previous page that you are happy with the suggestions made by Andrew. I don't use a Mac and after reading michalis response I became concerned that Mac users are being forced into situation where they are perpetually seeking a stable release. P. Monk
  8. I have been using 3DC for over 3 years now and in that time, as far as I was told, the most recent stable download is to be found at http://www.3d-coat.com/, if something has changed, I missed the memo. I guess we need clarification from Andrew. The thing that I don't understand and I'll ask you jwiede, do you have a stable version on your machine? You are using a Mac correct? P. Monk
  9. If 3DC 3.5 doesn't work on your machine, then I would say yes you have a legitimate complaint. If Andrew is advising you to use a Beta version for production then we all have a problem. If however you have had a bug free version working on your machine and you are still using the newest Beta, then I say welcome to Beta testing. As for Blender, 2.49b is the last stable release. If you are using 2.5 or higher then you are Beta testing. If so, I'm guessing it is to avail yourself to the latest features. P. Monk
  10. Face meet palm! I am so darned stupid!! Thank you for helping me see the light. P. Monk
  11. Cool!!! Where do you find the percentages? Or are you measuring? P. Monk
  12. QFA Plus you then expose testers to complaints, "How could you &$&*#so's not have caught this. It &*$(@& to my hard drive", and what not.
  13. QFA Now if that progress bar would just hurry up .....Woo...I think it just moved a little. LOL P. Monk
  14. Sorry Giuseppe, I didn't see your post before responding to kay_Eva. So I guess that you find messiah superior to Blender for animation. Cool! I didn't screw up. P. Monk