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  1. My monkey is an uncle too. Thanks for testing.
  2. Cool....did you post this a Blender Artists?
  3. Face meet palm! I am so darned stupid!! Thank you for helping me see the light. P. Monk
  4. Cool!!! Where do you find the percentages? Or are you measuring? P. Monk
  5. QFA Now if that progress bar would just hurry up .....Woo...I think it just moved a little. LOL P. Monk
  6. Sorry Giuseppe, I didn't see your post before responding to kay_Eva. So I guess that you find messiah superior to Blender for animation. Cool! I didn't screw up. P. Monk
  7. I have been waiting patiently for BA to come back online to ask the same question. Hopefully they will be up and running shortly. I haven't tried pmG"s forum, there may be help there. Albeit slightly prejudiced, I'm guessing. In the end I decided to buy because an applink already exists and the renders in the gallery look pretty good. Oh, and I had $40.00 in my pocket that was desperately trying to escape. P. Monk
  8. While I agree most wholeheartedly on the price, it's really more about the time invested in one software as opposed to the time necessary to learning a new one, don't you think? If kay-Eva has little time invested in animation in Blender, as I don't, it may be a good investment. If she has spent many hours learning to animate in Blender then may be not so much. Don't you think? P. Monk
  9. Ditto that. No movement when I ordered either. Just kidding. I'm not sad. I'm excited. It's like gambling on E-bay. This marketing may not be brilliant but I'll say semi-brilliant. This appears to be a takeoff of the viral marketing system developed by Groupon. I have been waiting for someone to improvise the Groupon viral marketing idea for their own use. It appears to me that pmG has done it.
  10. @ Digital777 your suggestions appear to me to be spot on. Thank you for taking the time. P. Monk
  11. You are an amazing person Kalle-Samuli Riihikoski. Thank you. I have a question though regarding applinks in general. I, being a modo user as well as a Blender user, after using your Applink have a dream that those two apps might share this same type of synergy. In your opinion do you think that this is something possible or just a pipe dream? I ask this question in a theoretical sense, not in a definitive or suggestive sense. Thanks again for your time and effort in this project, P. Monk
  12. Bookmarked.....Thanks, the photos are awesomely inspirational. P. Monk
  13. Great to hear Brendon. You and haikalle are the MEN! Thank you both for all you're hard work. P. Monk
  14. Thank you Haikalle, You da'man. This is so awesome. What an awesome workflow. I'm now able to go from Blender to 3D-Coat to Photoshop back to 3D-Coat and back to Blender so easily with everything loaded in Blender ready for a test render. It's just crazy fast. What a fool I am for not trying this sooner. You and Andrew are the greatest! P. Monk