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  1. Very cool great face on the character very original.
  2. That is awesome
  3. That mouth belly is the raddest thing I have seen in a long time:)
  4. This all looks very cool you work at a very low res to begin with but your final model looks awesome it must be a pretty fast work flow for you:) great boots by the way and I like the character alot:)
  5. Great work I could see this as a prop in alive action movie, the Chimera is very cool
  6. Awesome work:D
  7. Thankyou Kay you are right on the mark there. I have been working on pushing my sculpts as far as possible before upping the resolution , I still strugggle with this and jump into details to early,but I will get there the first sculpts took forever at a high res. but lo res is so fast:)
  8. Well it has been a while just a sculpt of an action scene centaur chasing a satr.
  9. Wow looks great any plans to animate the digger creature?
  10. Wow outstanding great work:)
  11. Wow way cool. thankyou for posting the video
  12. Looks awesome.
  13. Good work on the hands,better then I can do, try using the cuves tool instead of the snake you have more control over where it goes and you can also control scale of points,just dont forget to delete curve once done:)Good work keep it up
  14. Wow man these are awesome and speedy, just curious do you draw alot as well?
  15. Scarry now I'm gonna have nightmares:)