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  1. haha, I don´t really know, maybe a resort? But, It reminds me Red Dwarf and Lister and the Artur´s wife :-)
  2. An advertising for Saudi Arabia client C4D + 3DC P
  3. HI there here is the last 3DC work the key
  4. It looks like mirror. It is, newspapers owners... P PS: short shot done from one my article I did on C4D, done in 3dc (see above)
  5. THX, I have used my own texture library and it was a simple (but adjusted) frontal projection. Other parts are cvered by the helm.... Resolution? the final pict has cca 3200 px wide, the head has 1200 px what I remember. P
  6. Hello everybody cca 2 hours and than stop. I needed a model for a new SSS shader in CINEMA 4D R13 OK, I did a new CINEMA 4D learning DVD (english) and I have used 3DC for the pilot. The head is from my mariner (asdic) thread, other has been done in 3DC as well... and the body Details have been done in C4D here is the final shot (C4D of course)
  7. Hello everybody I write an article on 3DC Applink for Pixel mag (czech printed CG magazine) (I use C4D) and I´m lookking for some screens from other applincations. Could you post them for me (asap)? THX a lot, Pavel
  8. Here is a bit different shot on Pepe only OK, go to the next work :-) P
  9. Hello I have used simple shape model from CINEMA 4D imported as a voxel volume. I like this way, it's a bit easer and faster for me I must say. Base shape C4D > 3DC voxels, sculpting, adjusting > retopo (manual) > UV (still 3DC) > Paint (3DC again) > eexport and render I rerender picure again, one cube flys a bit ) P
  10. THX everybody, and here is a last render (I did it for Octane render test) and here is a full resolution (on other paper) without cut Have a nice day, P
  11. Hello very glossy painted plastic (old glossy colors)... P
  12. production preview P
  13. Hello everybody I need some character for my Octane render preview. I did this one. Voxel 3DC, retopo 3DC, textures 3DC, render C4D P PS: a story: He guarded a sleep of my father, of my loved cousin Robert, who died before many years, me, and now guards a sleep of my son. Robert. I hope he does it well.
  14. my mistake link is fixed!
  15. hello everybody I have worked before 6 months on next advertising for print, banners, TV spots (as a static picture) etc... Model: 3DC and C4D (voxels, retopo) UV, texturing: 3DC, BP3D and PSD Rendering C4D Final resolution up to 8000 height I hope you like it THX Miklo for a timberhouse and some details Here is an official product page PS: I can not still post it in my country, but restriction ends soon.... PPS: still looking for a job :-)