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  1. Blender normal maps

    What are you talking about?
  2. Missing tools for sculpting morphs?

    A bit late on this, but there is one problem I see. LWO with morphs can only be made in Lightwave, as I don't own it, is there another solution? I use Messiah, Blender, and Wings3D.
  3. Replace object with another and keep uv map

  4. I posted this question in normal map seams thread but I believe it will go unnoticed there. I have a mesh that I've created UVW map in 3d-coat and textures in 3d-coat. I found out that I need to add more polygons to my mesh. So I went back to wings3d and added more polygons. How do I replace my current object with the new one whilst keeping my uvw map and texture layers? Thanks
  5. normal map seams

    Hello, here is my problem with UV seams/normal maps. Suggestions? Also, is it possible to update the mesh to a new one (I need to add some polygons) but keep the UVW map that I've created in 3d-Coat?
  6. 3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    I'll chime in and say thanks to Andrew as well. Doing an amazing job! I'm very surprised to see such a community connected developer!
  7. 3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    I attached the mesh to my post, seems it didn't attach? Imported a base mesh, auto-uv. Posted it here because people actually read this thread. Trying to attach again. I am not allowed to upload the file...
  8. 3D-Coat 3.5 updates thread

    Ok, so I'm having a major problem. Paint doesn't seem to work right on this mesh, it paints some of the backfaces but that's about it. Any ideas?
  9. Export low poly IS what you want. Export as a LWO and you are good to go.
  10. User Experience and suggestions

    Sorry again if I sound stupid but I have the same meshes in paint and sculpt with normal maps and all, do you have them turned off? Voxels do not work in the paint room for me. There is much debate about the sculpt room on other threads, so I'm not saying it's fully featured. Again, you shouldn't be adjusting your facial features while you are painting. The model should be done by then. You say sculpting and detailing, not sure what that refers to buy I assume you mean voxel sculpting on both accounts. So here's the workflow: Voxel sculpt, retopo, uvw, bake, paint, export.
  11. User Experience and suggestions

    If you don't like voxels why are you using 3d Coat? lol I am not familar with zbrush, as the last time I used it was when it first came out, before z-spheres. You should be finished with your mesh BEFORE you start painting. Other than that I don't see why you need to adjust the base mesh while you are painting. Plus I don't know what you mean by not knowing where the textures are in sculpt mode, they show here on my 3d Coat.
  12. User Experience and suggestions

    Wait for the new liveclay and it should fix your performance issues with voxels. I do not find it silly that I have to be in a different room to move a mesh while I'm painting. I'd never want to accidentally move my mesh while painting. That's about all I can say as a new user!
  13. Performance issues in voxels room

    Thanks for the tips AbnRanger, that works much better now.
  14. Performance issues in voxels room

    This is the issue I've been having as well. The move tool's performance is just sub par. I guess it's a technical problem with voxels? Any work arounds for reshaping your model?