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  1. I posted this question in normal map seams thread but I believe it will go unnoticed there. I have a mesh that I've created UVW map in 3d-coat and textures in 3d-coat. I found out that I need to add more polygons to my mesh. So I went back to wings3d and added more polygons. How do I replace my current object with the new one whilst keeping my uvw map and texture layers? Thanks
  2. Hello, here is my problem with UV seams/normal maps. Suggestions? Also, is it possible to update the mesh to a new one (I need to add some polygons) but keep the UVW map that I've created in 3d-Coat?
  3. Thanks for the tips AbnRanger, that works much better now.
  4. This is the issue I've been having as well. The move tool's performance is just sub par. I guess it's a technical problem with voxels? Any work arounds for reshaping your model?
  5. I have been working on the design of this character for years. I'm finally "done" with the model and off to texturing and morph targets currently. This is my first attempt at using 3d coat for more than 5 minutes. I spent about an hour playing with it I guess. It's not a final image by far, but I'm glad I can churn out painted textures so quickly. This way perhaps I'll choose a final texture before another year passes. The character is for a short film(s) project I'm working on. It's something I've had in my head slowly building for years. Just a few days ago I finished my first rough story board. Finally I have decided on the story! It can be a daunting task trying to get across ideas and concepts to your audience. He is supposed to be an 'everyman' with the powers of a god and the wisdom to know not to use it often if at all. I was originally going to do it all in stop motion, but the investment of money and time is so great that I decided to keep the medium which I have training in, CG. Oh yes almost forgot to add the model was created in Wings3d, and perhaps a bit of Blender. Not 100% as I've redone it countless times. Suggestions are welcome but I will be changing it heavily over the course of the next few days. Tips are also welcome. Why is there no Wings 3D app-link.... Here is an old 2008 version of the character if you are interested to see the evolution. I believe it's the same body mesh modified, but I completely scrapped the head.
  6. Hey, yeah I've been using "thedaemon" forever! hehe Yeah, I saw all your preaching on SetupTab, it's why I seriously considered 3d-Coat and subsequently purchased it. It's uv tools/ability to create morphs is helping me a bunch on my short film project. I think I may use 3d-coat for all of my background objects/scenery as well. Rapid prototyping and a nice retopo tool will go along way.
  7. Greetings fellows, I'm Brandon Ayers, thedaemon as I call myself online. I've been doing 3d in general as a hobby since 1999 or so. I started with Blender and Wings 3d, went to college and learned 3ds max among other type of software. After that I joined animation mentor but I couldn't afford to finish the last 2 classes. I've never applied for any cg work so I still consider myself an amateur. I'm currently working on a short film that I hope will entertain and make my audience feel. I'm new to this software but I'm always glad to help a fellow artist. My current software usage is Wings 3d, Messiah:Studio, Blender, and soon 3d-coat.