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  1. Thanks - I've been discovering the stroke tool is quite good for sketching out areas for quads too. Didn't know you could create a full cylinder in one go though - useful thing to know!
  2. Yeah the re-sample tool is great - its now 1.7 million polys and very little loss in details. I've moved on to re topology now. On paper, this should be easy - but actually I find it quite tricky. I think it's because the basic geometry I would normally start with - a subdivided cube and other such primitives are missing. Things like legs would be easier if there was a tube to start with, that could be put in place and then snapped to the voxels. I did try the auto-retopo and at fist sign, it seems to create a nice result, but on closer inspection, I kept getting an issue with the legs where the polys flow around like a corkscrew rather than even cylinders. I think I need a slightly different approach for next time, but for now I guess it's a poly at a time!
  3. Many Thanks - I think I'll go with the downgrade option, as the model is up 8,000,000 polys, which sound like it could be a bit slow using the pose at the current level!
  4. Hey thanks. I think as my creature is grounded in reality (4 legs, head and tail) I think the legs should also conform to nature also. Not tried major structural changes after detailing before - whats the best way to make those alterations without loosing too much detail?
  5. This is my first serious try at sculpting a creature. I've made past attempt, but gave up before finishing as they looked terrible. This time I thought I would see things through and I'm happy enough at this point. My limited anatomy knowledge is hindering things though - some parts I know look a bit wrong, but I'm not 100% sure how to fix them. So feel free to point out any obvious errors!
  6. Thanks for the update - always something new to learn from your demos
  7. Nicely done sir!
  8. Hey great start Lino - good to see you here too!
  9. Thanks for the new vids - most helpful. Sometimes after creating UV maps after retopo, I see strange invisible areas on the mesh in the painting window. When I examin the UV maps they seem fine though - any idea what causes this?
  10. I found them to be useful too...especially the wrap tool - I hadn't even noticed it was even in the menu! Of course now there are some cool new tools, you will need to release another video tutorial series showing how to integrate them into a workflow. Perhaps a muscled hero, built from the new curves tools and muscles?
  11. Which is??
  12. Yeah come on, spill the beanz! Don't want to spend money on ZB unnecessarily if 3DC is going to get something along these lines...
  13. Wow, just saw the demo - that's some pretty awesome base mesh creation method! I always felt trying to create a base mesh from curves in 3DC a bit clunky and limited, but with ZS2 I can create the base mesh in there and then import to 3DC for detailing and texture painting